Phuket Temples - Buddhist Temples in Phuket
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Phuket Temples - Buddhist Temples in Phuket

Hey, this is Thailand you know! It's not just Bangkok that has Buddhist temples, though the Grand Palace and Wat Arun are pretty hard to beat. Phuket has many Buddhist temples and if you want to see more than just a beach, get a taste of local life, one of the many Phuket temples is a very good place to start. The largest temple in Phuket is Wat Chalong, which can be quite busy with locals and tourists, but every area has it's own small temple if you want more of a local flavour and a bit of history. In Kathu village close to where I live you find a Buddhist temple (Wat) and a Chinese shrine. There are temples near all the main beaches too. Not sure if I will ever blog all the temples in Phuket, but I have done a lot!

Thalang Area

Thalang is a town right in the center of Phuket island, not near the beach, and was once the seat of local government. In 1785, the people of Phuket rallied at Thalang to fight off a Burmese invasion, a date that lives long in the history of Phuket. Wat Phra Nang Sang was built on the battleground and a yearly festival celebrates the event. The Thalang area has some large and important historic temples...

Wat Phra Thong

(above) Buddha images at Wat Phra Tong

Sri Sunthorn Temple in Phuket - Reclining Buddha

(above) Reclining Buddha at Wat Sri Sunthorn

Wat Phra Thong
Wat Sri Sunthorn
Wat Phra Nang Sang
Wat Tha Reua Temple

Chalong Area

Wat Chalong is the largest Phuket temple and the most visited. In the same area are other smaller local temples, not all blogged yet! I pass Chalong temple almost every day. It looks especially nice in the early morning.

Chalong Temple (Wat Chalong)

Chalong Temple (Wat Chalong)
Wat Luang Pu Supha
Wat Ladthiwanaram

And of course there's the Phuket Big Buddha which is also near Chalong sitting 400m above sea level. Not exactly a temple, but certainly a site of pilgrimage and a place to say prayers to the 4 winds.

Phuket Big Buddha

(above) The Big Buddha, still not quite 100% ready. But great anyway!

Phuket Temples near the beaches

Most of the beach areas of Phuket also have older local communities even if the old way of life has largely been swamped by tourism. Before tourism hit Phuket, hardly anyone lived by the beach except fishing families. If you get off the beach and look on the back roads you can find the older areas, and that's where you find the temples. More to come - it took me ages to go take some photos of Karon and Kata temples, even though they're just down the road from my work! I still want to blog a very nice one up near Nai Yang Beach.

Nai Harn Temple
Karon Temple
Patong Temple
Doi Thepminit Temple
Kamala Temple
Kata Temple
Wat Sawang Arom (Rawai)

Local Temples

All over Phuket, in every village or tambon you will find a temple. I like the feel of the local temples. Every one has it's little differences and they are little havens of peace away from daily life.

Wat Kathu Temple
Wat Khao Rang
Wat Sapam
Koh Sirey Temple
Ket Ho Temple
Sam Kong Temple
Wat Kosit Wiharn
Wat Thep Nimit
Naka Temple
Wat Manik
Wat Mongkhon Nimit (in old part of Phuket Town)
Wat Vichit Sangkaram

Monk at Sam Kong Temple, Phuket

(above) Monk at Sam Kong Temple on the edge of Phuket Town

Temples in Phang Nga near Phuket

Of course all of Thailand is a temple. Now and then we might visit a temple that is not in Phuket. We have stopped several times at Wat Suwan Kuha in Phang Nga province. Big reclining Buddha in a cave, monkeys, well worth a visit! Also on the way to Phang Nga town is Wat Manee Sri Mahathat featuring a huge statue of a famous monk. And in Phang Nga town is Wat Thamtapan, a very odd place featuring statues of Buddhist Hell! Beyond the town, Wat Bang Riang is a really stunning place to visit.

Big Buddha at Wat Bang Riang

(above) Wat Bang Riang in Phang Nga

Wat Bang Riang
Wat Suwan Kuha
Wat Thamtapan
Wat Manee Sri Mahathat

Chinese Shrines

Many Chinese shrines are important during the annual Phuket Vegetarian Festival which has been a Phuket tradition since the mid 19th century. There are many more than those listed below, mostly in and around Phuket Town - I must get them blogged sometime!

Shrine on Patong Hill
Kathu Village Shrine - More of Kathu Shrine
Sam Kong Shrine
Jui Tui Shrine
Shrine of the Serene Light
Tha Reua Shrine

Prayers at Kathu Shrine

(above) at Kathu Chinese Shrine

Most of the Phuket Temples and places of worship on the blog are Buddhist / Chinese. However, it's worth mentioning that Phuket has a sizeable Muslim population (around 25%?), and there are several quite large mosques around the island - so I wrote a blog post ... see Phuket Mosques. There are also quite a few Christian Churches in Phuket. There's a street in Phuket Town that features a mosque, Catholic church and Chinese shrine! There's also a Hindu temple and a Sikh Gurdwara almost next to each other in Phuket Town. In Phuket the different religions and beliefs mix together without any problems, a good example for the rest of the world.

Phuket Temples - Location Map

Phuket Chinese Shrines - Location Map

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