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Naka Temple (Wat Naka)

Yes, another temple... Wat Naka (also called Wat Nakaram) is probably not one of Phuket's best known temples, and in fact even for the people of Phuket it's more of a landmark used when giving directions. It's found on a very useful "shortcut" road linking Chao Fa road west to Chao Fa road east, close to Phuket Town. Everyone knows where it is, but when I visited a couple of days ago I got the feeling that the temple was a bit neglected, an old temple on a new road.

Just over the road is the very popular Phuket Weekend Market (also called the Naka market) where you can buy clothes, food, secondhand goods (open on Saturday and Sunday afternoons/evenings). Further along the road to Phuket town is the new fresh market (Talad Sot Mai) just before you turn left onto Chao Fa road and into the centre of town. With the markets, the temple and a whole bunch of small shops along Chao Fa road, it's an interesting area for a walk, and I might just be back there in the next few days.

Naka Temple 3 headed snake (Naga or Naka) at the entrance to the temple

Around the walls are photos of local people who have died. Some old, some young, some recently, some many years ago. It adds a certain local feeling and a spirit to the temple. These people lived and prayed here.

And of course there is Buddha showing everyone the path. The image below shows a standing Buddha image with both hands raised to chest level, which is known as the attitude of calming the ocean. The Lord Buddha performed a miracle by stopping a rainstorm and flooding in the presence of the three arrogant hermits. Having seen the miracle, they submitted to the Lord Buddha and listened to his sermon. The three hermits and their 1,000 followers were so impressed with the preaching that they were willingly ordained as monks. You can read more about Buddha images here: Buddha Images.

Buddha image at Naka Temple

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