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Boomerang Village Resort

I was just looking today at TripAdvisor - I was wondering what are the top rated hotels around the Kata Beach area. The number 1 (Mom Tri's Villa Royale) is quite a fancy place and was in my 2008 list of the Top 10 Hotels in Phuket. Number 3 was Sawasdee Village, which I have already reviewed on this blog. But I was quite surprised at the hotel in second place. I drive past it almost every day, and have often meant to go check it out, and will do sometime soon, a good spot I think for a sunset beer and photo opportunity...

Boomerang Village seems to be very popular - I will start by saying that it's not a beach hotel - the cottages are up on the hillside off the back road behind Kata and Karon beaches. A bit of a hike to the beach, maybe a mile or so, probably good idea to rent a moped if staying there. The cottages are surrounded by tropical gardens and there's a restaurant / bar too, I reckon some good views...

There are also some bungalows - which is in a slightly different, but nearby location, just not on the hillside, no views but closer to the beach, but I reckon it's the cottages you should go for. The place is Italian owned and I believe the Italians know a bit about style. (You gotta hate the Italians sometimes, they can somehow manage to look scruffy and stylish).

Boomerang Village Cottages is just the right kind of place for this blog, a little left of center, a little out of the mainstream, something a bit different and a bit special, nothing too fancy, but well liked. Recommended.

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