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Wat Ladthiwanaram

Wat Ladthiwanaram can be found along Chao Fa Road between Phuket Town and Chalong, a little after the turn off to Phuket Zoo and before Land and Houses Park. It's a rather unique temple, with a small lake between the temple grounds and the road.

Wat Ladthiwanaram as seen from the road

I must have passed this temple hundreds of times, not knowing what lies beyond the entrance... Phuket has so many small local temples, any one of which is worth stopping to visit if you happen to be passing by. Or if you are a temple lover you can carefully map out a drive around Phuket taking in as many temples as possible! The hell with beaches and bars, if you want to see the real Phuket, try temples, markets and quiet back roads.

Wat Ladthiwanaram is quite pretty. If you are anywhere in the area, stop for a look!

Wat Ladthiwanaram entrance

The Red Door Buddha Image at Wat Ladthiwanaram

Prayers at Wat Ladthiwanaram

I should update this post! Visited in 2008 and never stopped here again!

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