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Video - Patong Beach in 1993

1993 sounds pretty recent, right? Phuket tourism was already fairly well developed, but I think there must have been a lot of changes in the 1990s. I came to Phuket in 1999 and lived the first year in Patong. It was already pretty busy, but some areas that are full of hotels and businesses now were pretty quiet in 1999. And now I see this video from 1993, wow, 6 years before I came and there were fields with buffalo and still little shack style restaurants on the beach road. The Paradise hotel stands out like a sore thumb and there are big GOGO bar signs along Bangla road. But it' quiet, almost quaint! A rather different Patong. Back in 1999 I though Patong was OK. Now I just don't go there unless it's absolutely necessary! Lots of little points of interest in this video. Enjoy!

Of course some people love Patong and it has more hotels than all the other west coast beaches put together!

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