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Patong Beach - you either love it or you don't. I am not sure what people expect to find in Patong. I quote from a couple of big travel websites : "Patong is the most famous beach resort on Phuket. With its wide variety of activities and nightlife, Patong is an ideal place to party and play." - or "The Patong of today is a seething mass of tourism, squalor and unrestricted development, a mess of hotels, bars, restaurants, travel agents, massage parlours, tailor shops and touts". You can put a spin on Patong beach and make it sound exciting and exotic, or you can speak your mind! Patong is the most developed beach in Phuket, it can be crowded and noisy, you can get pestered by touts, you can hardly see the beach for all the beach chairs. BUT although I might not be a fan (I only go to Patong if I must), plenty of tourists love it, love the nightlife, the choice of restaurants, and you are never far from anything you need. You now have the huge Jungceylon mall with cinema right in the middle of Patong, there are bars and girls, nightclubs, any kind of food you want including all the main fast food chains and about 5 branches of Starbucks, but more importantly, there are many Patong beach hotel options. And to be honest it's a good base for a stay in Phuket.

Full List of Patong Beach Hotels

Jamie's Phuket Blog is a doorway into the other Phuket, so until now Patong Beach has not had much of a mention. Any other beach area is quieter and more relaxing. I work at Karon Beach which has plenty of hotels and restaurants too but is much less developed than Patong and the beach is much nicer. But Patong does have certain advantages in terms of availability of shopping, dining and hotel choices. I already have a page on Jamie's Phuket with recommended hotels, but it's getting a bit big and I figured it was time to split the hotel recommendations into different beaches - starting with big, bad Patong beach.

Recommended Patong Beach Hotels

Amari Coral Beach Resort

The Amari has been around for a long time, great location right at the south end of Patong away from the crowds, very nice place to relax but you can walk to the middle of Patong in 10 minutes.

Amari Coral Beach Resort on Jamie's Phuket
Amari Coral Beach Resort - Reviews, Rates and Availability

La Flora Resort

La Flora is quite a new hotel, opened in 2008 and it's right in the middle of Patong, right on the beach (which not many Patong beach hotels can claim). The best rooms have a "right by the sea" view! And you're close to everything.

La Flora on Jamie's Phuket
La Flora - Reviews, Rates and Availability

Yorkshire Hotel and Spa

The Yorkshire - used to be called the Yorkshire Inn, now Hotel (and Spa, you gotta have the "and Spa"!) I know the place well, used to work on the same street, small, friendly, very central for nightlife, shopping, restaurants and so on. And a good price too!

Yorkshire Hotel on Jamie's Phuket
Yorkshire Hotel - Reviews, Rates and Availability

Merlin Beach Resort

Merlin Beach Resort (now run by Marriott) is not actually in Patong. You have to drive a couple of miles, past the Amari, over a headland and you find the Merlin, on its own beach away from the crowds, nice but you can't walk into Patong (well you can, but easier to take a taxi and the taxi drivers know that...).

Merlin Beach Resort on Jamie's Phuket
Merlin Beach Resort - Reviews, Rates and Availability

Burasari Resort

The Burasari is just south of the busy center of Patong, close to the Holiday Inn. A couple of minutes walk to the beach, Burasari has regular rooms and an amazing collection of "Mood Suites" such as Smooth Whisky, Tropical Dream and Blue Breeze. Very popular!

Burasari Resort on Jamie's Phuket
Burasari Resort - Reviews, Rates and Availability

More Patong Beach Hotels

I have featured a few others on this site, don't want to overload one page! Patong is what it is... has a lot going for it, but if you want peace and quiet you should look at any other beach in Phuket! Here's some more recommended Patong beach hotels and links for where to book them or get more information:

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