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Kamala Temple (Wat Baan Kamala)

Unless you were living on the moon, you will know about the tsunami that happened on December 26th 2004. Certainly, the people in Kamala know what happened. Kamala beach was the worst hit of all Phuket's beaches, and was where I was sitting with family and friends on Christmas Day, one day before "it" happened.

Boats at Kamala near the temple

Longtail boat at Kamala beach

Check out this photo of Kamala temple which shows water up to the roof:

Kamala Temple, 26th December 2004 - photo is copyright Reuters I think, hard to tell on the www these days!

Much of the temple, along with the school and most of Kamala's beachfront, was destroyed on December 26th 2004. I remember visiting the temple some years ago for Songkran, as we had friends living in Kamala. This week was the first time I have been back to the temple since then. Of course, everything is clean and new. In 2005, the temple grounds were given a special makeover by an Australian TV show called Backyard Blitz. New rooms were also built for the monks. It was quite a feat - one of many charitable acts that helped Kamala back on it's feet.

Wat Baan Kamala

Decoration inside Kamala temple

The temple is at the far south end of the beach, which is a little aside from the hotels. Kamala is not as developed for tourism as some other beaches in Phuket, but the main beach road has bars, restaurants, dive shops and more. Still, Kamala retains a quiet air and is a good place to stay if people want peace and quiet, but within striking distance of the main tourist beaches.

We had a quick look around the temple and grounds. It's not grand, it's not huge. It is the local temple for Kamala beach.

Reflection of Kamala temple Memorial stone in the garden

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