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Novotel Avista Resort (Kata Beach)

The absolute peak season is coming very soon - the period around Christmas and New Year is very very busy for me at the dive shop .. already busy now! Personally, I think home is the place to be for Christmas, but seems that thousands disagree and want such strange things as sun, sea and sand. And of course, a nice place to stay. It's odd that with the so called global recession over the last 2 years there are still new hotels popping up in Phuket. It's hard to keep up sometimes with the new hotel names.

I had already read about the Avista Resort and noticed that it was due to open in November. Some customers from the dive shop were staying there a couple of weeks ago. I drove them to the resort, only a few minutes drive from the dive shop and my first thought was "wow, this really does look new!" I reckon the paint had hardly dried, everything was immaculate. Our customers might have been the first to use their room! Also I was struck by the open plan of the hotel, lots of space, lots of fresh air - it's slightly up the hill from Kata beach, built into the hillside.

My customers were impressed by Avista, said it was very modern and technologically advanced with very friendly staff. The reviews on Agoda are decent, though mention a few flaws that will surely be ironed out - and I think the early customers can't complain too much as the hotel was doing a rather good soft opening offer. Looks like a top choice for a hotel around Kata Beach.

(written in 2010)

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