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Thanoon Seafood Restaurant next to Sarasin Bridge

We had some holidays around the end of September and early October. It was the kids school holiday and also my parents were over from the UK. The weather during that period was less than great. A bit too much rain and we tended to limit ourselves to quick half day shower-dodging excursions around Phuket. We got lucky on September 29th - pretty much a rain-free day. I had a few things on my "to do" list (or better to say "to blog" list) - including several restaurants that had been recommended by friends. Thanoon Seafood is not in Phuket, but it's very close! Just drive over the Sarasin bridge that connects Phuket with Phang Nga province (the mainland) and the restaurant is on the beach just on the Phang Nga side less than 100m from the bridge. Sarasin Bridge has recently been rebuilt, and the old road bridge is now a pedestrian bridge where you can enjoy a walk and a view. We parked in Phang Nga, and then walked to Phuket and back before lunch.

View under Sarasin Bridge

Above - view under the bridge on the Phang Nga side looking east where there's a small fishing community. More photos of the bridge to come later. Below - view of Thanoon Seafood restaurant from the bridge. There was only one table occupied when we arrived - it touts itself as a "sunset" restaurant and it may well be worth going again in the late afternoon on a sunny high season day!

Thanoon Seafood - view from Sarasin Bridge

There is seating under cover or out on the beach. It was a bit windy really to sit on the beach, a bit too exposed with the west wind blowing directing through the channel towards the bridge. Would not be an issue in high season when winds blow from the northeast. Anyway the kids decided they would take their own table, just outside on the grass in front of the beach...

Eating at Thanoon Seafood

We ordered plenty of food. Prices were not super cheap but not too bad.. a touch more than we normally like to pay, but would I am sure be considered cheap by most tourists. I think our bill including drinks was total 1500 Baht for 4 adults and 2 kids, although these days the kids eat pretty much adult size meals. In fact our daughter I sometimes call "2 plates", due to her tendency to ask for 2nd helpings!

Yam Kung Siap

Prawn cakes

Above - a couple of dishes from Thanoon Seafood. My favourite Thai salad, called Yam Gung Siap, made with crispy smoked prawns, and some prawn cakes (Tod Man Gung). There was plenty more food too. The kids table was well stocked and they ate everything!

Kids table

Success! We found another nice quiet restaurant with an interesting view, away from the crowds. And despite the proximity of the bridge I did not notice any traffic noise. The kids and I took a little wander on the beach after lunch. You can walk up to the bridge. Don't think about swimming here though, currents can be strong in the channel between Phuket and the mainland.

Sarasin Bridge

Good to get out and find new places to eat sometimes. We have a little list of "safe" places - restaurants that we always enjoy, but sometimes we feel brave! We tried several new places during our holiday. Next few blog posts will also be restaurants. Thanoon Seafood, thumbs up, guess we'll go again one day for a sunset meal - it's a bit of a drive of course, being off Phuket - about 40km from our house. A good place to try if you're staying in the north of Phuket or if you have a rental car. I realise this blog does tend to show restaurants off the beaten track and not on main beaches so much - well that's the idea! I do try to show bits of Phuket that might not be well known. Want to see the real Phuket? Get out there and explore, it's a big island!

Update March 2013 : I had not been back to Thanoon Seafood for ages, but we stopped recently on a Speedboat Tour around Phuket and it was very nice, relaxed, lovely late afternoon sun .. some photos on Flickr.

Thanoon Seafood - Location Map

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