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Paradise Beach Phuket

Update 2016. I have not been for a few years and I believe Paradise Beach is now an exclusive, expensive Beach Club. You can check their website. The blog post below was written quite a few years ago when Paradise beach was a bit of a hideaway!

Finding a quiet beach in Phuket is not so hard really. Get away from the main beaches (Patong, Karon, Kata) and none of them are too crazy. Hey, in the summer season (May - October) even the main beaches are not always too jammed! The busiest of all Phuket beaches is Patong. I tend to avoid Patong wherever possible. Not my cup of tea. But just about 4km away from the south end of Patong, over the little bridge and past the entrance to the Amari Coral Beach Resort, along the winding road that leads past the Merlin Beach Resort, then over a hill on a narrow, steep path, wide enough for a car (just about!)... then you come to Paradise Beach.

Paradise Beach, Phuket

Slightly corny name, but we like Paradise Beach. We used to go quite often, though our last time was many years ago now. The land is privately owned and I am amazed the owner has not sold out to a resort. It's been kept simple. Some beach chairs, some shaded areas where you can sit and eat, a small restaurant, a volleyball court ... I hear that any visitor is now charged a fee of 100 Baht to enter, it used to be that for beach chair hire, but we normally went to eat, and never paid an entry fee.

Paradise Beach, Phuket

There was an old mooring buoy hung from a tree. My daughter loved swinging from that! Not sure if it's still there now.

Paradise Beach, Phuket

In low season, it's very quiet. We mostly used to in low season. During the high season, they do have a deal with one Patong resort to bring guests over, but even still, since there is no busy road, no hawkers, no jetskis, no tuk tuks, it's nice enough in high season too. It's well kept, beach is always clean.. only the toilets are a bit lacking. If you want to rinse off after a swim in the sea there is a pipe connected to a tap hanging over a rock at one end of the beach.

Paradise Beach, Phuket

We often used to go and meet friends there and a few hours would pass quickly with some cold drinks. The food is decent, not expensive, although we moan that it could be cheaper! You can sit in the shade and the kids can play safely on the beach. My kids liked to go hunting for little hermit crabs which they kept in bottles (and would set free again later).

Paradise Beach, Phuket

From Paradise Beach you can just about see one end of Patong across the bay. The water is normally quite clear, you can snorkel here. Swimming is OK, but you have to be aware that at low tide it can be a bit rocky underfoot. At high tide, it's great.

Paradise Beach, Phuket

Paradise Beach, Phuket

Even if it's true that you have to pay a 100 Baht entry fee, that's not ridiculous if the place is well kept. I hope they manage to keep it simple and inexpensive, there is always the temptation here for land and restaurant owners to cater to people with more money than brains. Tourist prices don't suit us - we are not on holiday here! So far, Paradise Beach has retained it's independence, they do things their way and I wish there were more little spots like this. Well, there are a few - here's some other quiet places we like:

Layan Beach
The Beach Bar
Bang Rong Floating Restaurant

Paradise Beach - Location Map

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Original post 2009, updated January 2013

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