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Thai Street Food - Phad Thai

Phad Thai is known as the "Thai National Dish" although let's be fair, it was declared as such by a military government in the 1930's .. based on commonly found fried noodles (Chinese style) but with that bit of Thai taste mixing sweet, sour, spicy together. Exact ingredients can vary and the taste can be anything from bland to spicy to a-bit-too-sweet. Every place you eat Phad Thai, it'll be slightly different.

Sometimes I ate Phad Thai by the street near my workplace (Sunrise Divers in Karon) - a big plate for 50 Baht, choose it with chicken or prawns, or I guess you could have it vegetarian. The stall that parks by the street is a kitchen on wheels - a sidecar kitchen attached to a moped. A 100% authentic Thai street food stall!

Phad Thai - Street Food in Thailand

That'll be a sidecar with a gas burner, gas bottle, a nice big wok, space to store all the ingredients (noodles, prawns, chicken, eggs, various sauces, beansprouts) and I have a feeling it would be not quite legal to drive back in my home country (England) .. which is one of 100 reasons why I did enjoy living in Thailand!

Phad Thai - Thai Street Food

(above) My Phad Thai being cooked ...

Phad Thai - Street Food

(above) Phad Thai - Street Food Style - ready to eat!

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