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Phuket Instagram 'Instameet' December 2018

Had a very nice afternoon a few days before New Year wandering around old Phuket Town taking some photos and even finding some street art that I had not seen before. This was the second time I have met people for an Instagram meet-up, the first being back in 2014 (see Phuket Instagram Meet Up 2014). Both were arranged by Amy, who has lived here for many years and she uses the Instagram username phuketstagram. It was good to have a day off in the middle of peak season after a lot of busy days in the dive shop, the weather was very warm and sunny, and I enjoyed meeting some new people and realised I'd not wandered around town taking photos for quite a long time - I used to do this a lot! Probably I'm getting old and lazy, and days off in high season are often spent relaxing at home. Glad I made the effort this time!

Instagram - I guess most people are aware of Instagram? I have been uploading photos from my iPhone since I first got an iPhone in March 2013. Sometimes I post daily. Sometimes less often if all I'm doing is working every day! I suppose a good New Year's resolution (aside from drinking less beer and exercising more) would be to try and post on Instagram daily. You can find me with the user name phuketblog. Please do follow!

We met at the Phuketique Cafe, right on the corner near the main Phuket Town market. I've not been in there before - I'm not really the type to hang out in cafes, normally drink only 1 coffee per day, although Phuketique does have imported bottled beers too which is of interest even if imported bottled beers tend to be a little pricey here! Right next door is a small, very local style restaurant called Naowarat which I have eaten at many times with the family. On a busy Saturday afternoon in Phuket Town I had to drive around the block a couple of times looking for parking spaces before eventually parking in Mongkhon Nimit temple (parking fee 20 Baht) and walking a couple of blocks to Phuketique. A fair crowd of people were there and we all introduced ourselves briefly before wandering off towards the market just along the street.

Tuk Tuk at the circle near Phuket Town central market

(above) Circle at the junction of Ratsada Road and Yaowarat Road.

Phuket Town fresh market

Limes for sale at the market

(above) At the fresh market in Phuket Town.

There's a section of the fresh market leading north to Krabi Road. Just before you reach a narrow alley leading into Krabi Road you see this street art ...

One of many great examples of street art in Phuket Town

Instameet Group on Krabi Road, old Phuket Town

(above) Some of our Instameet group on Krabi Road next to the alley leading to the market.

Reflected old street in tailors window

(above) Reflections of shophouses in an old tailors on Krabi Road.

Old tiles in old Phuket Town

(above) Old tiled floor outside a house on Krabi Road.

Wandering along everyone was taking their own time, so I would be chatting with one person then meet another who had stopped to take photos, while others moved on ahead. I do admit that sometimes my life is rather hermetic, and meeting a lot of new people these days is hard work! But this was a very pleasant afternoon. Among the Instagram users with us, please do follow phuketpaparazzi, ojash008, pimmmchanok, bikkiebites, maireadmcgowan, girl_with_bear, sindbadthebiker, tobias___k, fitness.criminal, ghislainebovy, bestlifephuket and I am sure a couple more and if I forgot sorry!

Wandering onwards, after a quick look at Soi Romanee, a very popular little street connecting Thalang Road with Dibuk Road. At the east end of Thalang Road, we headed south, passing Phang Nga Road ...

Phang Nga Road looking west from the old Chartered Bank

(above) Looking west along Phang Nga Road in old Phuket Town.

Singer Electronic Display in old Phuket Town

(above) Singer Electronics display in one of the old Electronic stores in town.

Graffiti / art by Mue Bon on an old gate in Phuket Town

Graffiti by Mue Bon on an old gate on Phuket Road .. you can also follow mue_bon on Instagram!

And then, some new street art .. or at least something I did not know about. I have blogged about Phuket Town Street Art, and sometimes I hear about new paintings or see that older paintings have gone. These paintings are in an abandoned building on Taling Chan Road close to the Surin Circle close to Yameay Mosque.

Graffiti or Art in Phuket town

Graffiti or Art in Phuket town

Graffiti or Art in Phuket town

(above) Street Art in an abandoned building in old Phuket Town.

Heading back to the start point .. back up to Ratsada Road and lo! Hidden down a side street behind the Siam Commercial Bank building is an old mansion from the tin mining days, probably built around 100 - 120 years ago when Phuket Town was in it's heyday.

Abandoned old mansion in old Phuket Town

And then a small detour onto Phang Nga Road to visit the Shrine of the Serene Light which used to very very hidden away down a narrow alley, which got widened in 2013 to allow easier access to the shrine.

Shrine of the Serene Light

Next to the shrine is a very good secondhand bookshop, Southwind Books. I have been in here many times!

Southwind Secondhand Bookshop

By this time we'd all been walking around for 2 hours on a hot Phuket afternoon. Drinks needed! Phuketique, our start point, is a small place, so I suggested we check Kopitiam, which has been a favourite of mine since 2011. They are often very busy, but luckily had space for our group. Kopitiam has great local food and a huge drinks list. Naturally I just had a Chang beer (or 3), but they have a long list of herbal drinks, teas, coffees. A nice relaxing place to finish the Instameet and you can also follow Kopitiam's own wiwan_view on Instagram.

After chatting during the walk it was time to chat with a drink. A pleasure to meet everyone on the meet up. Should do it again on a more regular basis!

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