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La Flora Resort, Patong Beach

Now, it's not normally like me to recommend staying in Patong Beach. I prefer quieter places.. which means anywhere but Patong. BUT of course there are lots of people who like Patong, like the abundance of everything a tourist could want, like the busy streets and don't like it too quiet. OK, horses for courses, but one of the reasons I am now recommending La Flora is the first review I saw on TripAdvisor - the hotel got a great review, but the guest said "It all seemed so touristy, I really felt sad looking at all the Westerners lining up at McDonalds and Starbucks, come on, you're in Thailand eat Thai food!" - Amen! But the reviewer loved La Flora. An oasis in the heart of all the craziness that is Patong. It's sitting at top spot for Patong Beach hotels in the TripAdvisor ratings.

La Flora opened in 2008, right on the beach in Patong, right in the middle of Patong. It's a sister hotel of La Flora in Khao Lak, a place which I remember from 2006. You know, the tsunami. It's still strong in my mind. Our son was born on January 11th 2005. Just 2 weeks after the tsunami. La Flora in Khao Lak was hit hard. The Kings grandson was killed near La Flora. So the name La Flora has some meaning around here.

La Flora in Patong - so if you want to be in the middle of Patong, in the middle of the most touristy place in Thailand, but also want a fantastic resort... well, La Flora has to be a top choice. Location - most central possible. Want bars, restaurants, shops... great. I say again, not for me, but if you want to be in the center of everything, La Flora looks GREAT.

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