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When I first started this blog in 2006, I did try to post news stories now and then, but it was hard to keep up and the real point of my Phuket blog was to show "my" Phuket - places to visit, restaurants, day trips that I liked doing with my family. There were already several Phuket newspapers and websites of varying quality. Now (2021) there's really only one local Phuket news source with a published weekly paper and a good website.

You can follow me on Twitter, I still post news, weather and related Phuket information as and when I find it, even if I am not living in Phuket right now. I tend to be online every day and Tweeting often - Follow me on Twitter @jamiemonk.

Going back some years, the Phuket Gazette was the main local English language newspaper, but it's disappeared now. There was also a Phuket Post and Phuket Wan, both also dead. A newspaper and online site started in 2011 called The Phuket News. It's always got up-to-date local news and also sections on arts, entertainment, travel, culture and more. And for a number of years they used my blog posts in the Phuket life and travel sections - see all my contributions here! They also have a good Youtube Channel with regular updates and you can follow @thephuketnews on Twitter.

Phuket and Thailand News Online

The national newspapers will also report on news that has a bearing on Phuket. Let's not forget that Phuket is not some Utopian holiday isle.. it's a province of Thailand, so some national news updates might be worth reading now and then... You can try the Bangkok Post or The Nation. The Tourism Authority of Thailand website is also updated fairly often - see TAT News.

Latest Weather News - Best place to look for weather info, webcams and links to weather forecasts, radar, satellite images and more - my Phuket Weather blog. Not updated now, but has years of weather reports. This live webcam at Patong Beach is a good place to start and see exactly what the weather is like in Phuket right now!

So, there you go. If you're coming to Phuket, or just love Phuket and want to know what's going on, there are plenty of news sources. Mostly the news is pretty local and won't affect visitors, but if anything really big happens you'll surely find out on one of these websites! Happy Travels!

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