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Mandarava Resort (Karon Beach)

Another new hotel in the Karon beach area, Mandarava opened in 2013 on the hillside towards the north end of the beach, near the well known Pacific Club resort. Seems like a lot of newer hotels in Phuket are being built away from the beach. I guess there is no beachfront left or, if there is, the land is just too expensive. Mandarava has quickly become popular, looks very nice and the owners seen to understand the power of TripAdvisor reviews (too much power if you ask me!). We've had several customers in the dive shop this week staying at Mandarava, and so I've heard a few things about the resort. It's in the hills, so not by the beach. Probably about 10 minute walk to the beach. Lots of hills to climb to get to the resort, or to your room, as the rooms are on different levels. For sure they have a shuttle bus and hotel car, but will it always be there exactly when you need it?! It's all very green, jungly ("lush" would be a word you could use, but not a word I like) and there are several pools and little waterfalls built into the resort. I can imagine it's very relaxing.

Mandarava Room Mandarava Pool

(above) Mandarava is in the hills, so you get some great views from the pool and from some of the rooms

There are 130 rooms, built into villas with split levels - the upper floor rooms mostly have some kind of seaview ("it's over there between the land and the sky"), while ground floor rooms either face a pool or the green jungle. The hotel has it's restaurants and bars of course, or you can walk to the main street at the north end of Karon Beach in about 10 minutes. The location up the hill and just *slightly* out of the main strip would appeal to some, not to others. When I look at the reviews (see link below) it's the location that brings the overall score down. I'd say if you are unable to walk up hills, find a place to stay by the beach! Otherwise, the hillside is nice, you get views and can catch any breeze that's blowing.

Mandarave Resort Room Sunset at Mandarava Resort Karon Beach Phuket

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