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Of the 3 "main" beaches in Phuket, Kata is thought to be the quietest, though I reckon Karon is just as quiet since everything is more spread out. Kata Beach, oddly enough is where (as far as I know) mass tourism started in Phuket, with the opening of the Club Med resort in 1985. Club Med is still there and takes up a large section of the land in front of the beach, though not actually on the beach - there is a small beach road between the resort and the sand. This road stays quiet, and another road behind Club Med takes any traffic heading from one end of Kata to the other. The main through road is even further from the beach - Patak Road is the "back" road behind Kata and Karon Beaches heading from Karon Circle up to the hill that leads over to Chalong Bay. Patak Road has some small hotels, and is where people actually live, with lots of small restaurants and businesses along the way.

Starting at the north end of Kata, you have an area just inland with a road leading down to the beach, this area is called Kata Center, lots of restaurants here and shops, opticians, some bars, a few dive shops and so on. Hotels in the area include the Marina Phuket resort, which actually faces onto Karon Beach, but you can walk to Kata beach in 5 minutes too, they are so close together. As the road splits just after Starbucks - you turn right to the beach just after the Peach Hill resort - a road heads up hill to the Avista Resort. Meanwhile along the road behind Club Med are more bars, restaurants and a lot of hotels such as the Chanalai Resort, Sawasdee Village, Kata Palm, Metadee Resort, Centara Kata, Sugar Marina, Malissa Villa Suites and more!

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The last resort along the beach road is the big Kata Beyond Resort, which is right on the beach. One road then heads away from the beach towards Patak Road (there are some smaller guesthouses down this way) while of you turn right after the beach road you pass the back of Kata Beyond Resort and get to The Boathouse which also sits on the beach and is one of Phuket's older hotels and has a very well respected restaurant too. Chanalai Garden Resort and Chanalai Flora Resort nearby too. The south end of Kata is a surf zone - there are regular surf contests here in the low season and you find the very popular Ska Bar right at the end of the beach. After The Boathouse head another 100m and the road carries on straight and over a hill to Kata Noi Beach, or you can turn sharp left up a steep hill heading towards the Viewpoint and then on to Naiharn Beach and Phromthep Cape. At the corner is the Orchidacea resort and the Andaman Cannacia which is a few minutes hike up that steep road.

Recommended Kata Beach Hotels

Sawasdee Village

Sawasdee Village Resort and Spa (you gotta have the "and Spa" these days) has been in Phuket for a long time, opened in 1991 - a little oasis with gardens and water features, a very good spa (so I am told) and a definite olde Thai style feeling.

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Novotel Avista Resort

Avista is quite new - opened end of 2009, on the hill overlooking the sea at the north end of Kata beach. A modern hotel with all the mod cons, and gets a lot of very good reviews. Close to the beach and and Kata Center. Taken over by Novotel in 2016.

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CC's Hideaway Hotel

CC's Hideaway (previously CC Blooms) is a different kind of place to stay - up in the hills, great view but not at all by the beach, it used to be promoted as gay-friendly (something to do with Bette Midler) but I think the new owners have dropped that tag. I've been up several times to pick up diving customers, looks like a nice little hideaway to me!

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Mom Tri's Villa Royale

Certainly one of the best hotels in Phuket, almost always gets rave reviews. Villa Royale actually overlooks Kata Noi beach and would be about a 15 minute walk to the busier area at the south end of Kata beach. It's built in old Thai style, individual villas on the hillside, and a top restaurant too.

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Kata Palm Resort

Kata Palm resort I'd say is more of a family oriented hotel, big pool and kids pools, lots of rooms, a few minutes walk to the beach and close to lots of restaurants at the south end of Kata Beach.

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