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Our House For Sale (or Rent) in Phuket

If you follow me on social media (Twitter or Instagram) you may have seen that, after 19 years in Phuket, I have headed back to the UK. Reasons? School/education for my kids, a new challenge, a new life, being close to family in the UK ... we plan to stay for quite a few years, maybe forever - we are keeping our house in Chumphon (my wife's hometown), but in order to fund this big move we are selling our house in Phuket. Or we'd be happy to rent it long term (at least 6 months). Anyone interested, please contact me by email (jjjjmonk@yahoo.co.uk) or (better) if you are in Phuket and want to see the house please call 089 2929104 to arrange a viewing. If calling an international number, please call +66 89 2929104. My wife is in Thailand at the moment and can arrange everything. Cheers!

Location, Location Location

Sure everyone has an idea of their preferred location. If you want a seaview, sorry we can't help, but .. we are in the Kathu area. The center of the universe! Within 5-10 minutes we can drive to all major malls and supermarkets, cinema, international hospitals, many of the best schools, local markets, golf courses, lots of restaurants .. Patong is a 10-15 minute drive in one direction and Phuket Town is 10-15 minutes in the other direction. Nearest minimart to our house is a 2 minute drive or 10 minute walk, and there's a gasoline station in the same location. We are on a quiet side road, but close to everything. There's a clubhouse with a pool and gym right over the street from our house. There's no through traffic passing our house, it's very peaceful.

Our house sits of 140 Wah of land, which is 560 square meters. This is divided into 2x70 Wah plots with separate land titles. The house is on 70 Wah and we bought the extra land later so we have a big garden area and space for parking multiple vehicles and lots of space to expand the house or build your own pool or even build a second house.

The house is one floor (unless you count a climb of 2 steps to the bedrooms. There's a large living room/dining area, a not-so-huge kitchen that we often thought to enlarge, 3 bedrooms, one main bathroom, plus 1 bedroom has en-suite shower/toilet and another bedroom has en-suite shower. Main bathroom was recently redecorated. All bedrooms and living room have aircon. Behind the kitchen is a covered utility area where we have washing machines/dryer/storage. At the front of the house there's also a decent size shed.

Water supply to our street is very good, and we also have a water tank with pump. Electric supply in Kathu is very reliable, I can recall maybe 3 times in 15 years when we had any power outages. We have 3bb internet / wifi in the house which a new owner can take over if they want. There are multiple wall mounted fans around the house which will stay there. All windows have new mosquito screens and bars. Security in the street has never been a problem. It's a very safe area.

If you need more information - please contact me by email (jjjjmonk@yahoo.co.uk) or to see the house please call my wife 089 2929104 to arrange a viewing.

We have lived there 15 years and we were the first occupants of the house, so it has had 1 careful owner! Perfect for a family, lots of space, quiet area but close to everything.

Selling price : 9,250,000 Baht or near enough offer. For a house in this location with a big land area, it's a good price.

Rental : 20,000 Baht per month - discount possible if paying long term in advance.

Location Map

House Photos

As you can see - lots of space and different areas around the house. We have enjoyed living here, adding extras to the house, redecorating, repainting, growing the garden - lots of big mature plants which we planted many years ago. I am biased, but it's a very nice place to live.

Anyone interested, please contact me by email (@yahoo.co.uk) or if you are in Phuket and want to see the house please call my wife 089 2929104 (or +66 89 2929104) to arrange a viewing. Thanks!

Video - Patong to Karon Beach in 1988

A great little video that shows the road still under construction between Patong and Karon beaches in Phuket, back in 1988 (11 years before I arrived in Phuket!) Before that I guess you had to reach Karon by boat only? Nonetheless, you can see quite a few beach chairs and people on Karon Beach already way back then. The lake which has been contained in a man-made lagoon is still 100% natural in this video. Just imagine how it might have been a few years before this. I mean, Karon doesn't look too bad even now, it's much tidier than Patong and the beach looks nice, but back then ... before the real tourism rush, what a paradise!

Video - Patong Beach in 1993

1993 sounds pretty recent, right? Phuket tourism was already fairly well developed, but I think there must have been a lot of changes in the 1990s. I came to Phuket in 1999 and lived the first year in Patong. It was already pretty busy, but some areas that are full of hotels and businesses now were pretty quiet in 1999. And now I see this video from 1993, wow, 6 years before I came and there were fields with buffalo and still little shack style restaurants on the beach road. The Paradise hotel stands out like a sore thumb and there are big GOGO bar signs along Bangla road. But it' quiet, almost quaint! A rather different Patong. Back in 1999 I though Patong was OK. Now I just don't go there unless it's absolutely necessary! Lots of little points of interest in this video. Enjoy!

Of course some people love Patong and it has more hotels than all the other west coast beaches put together!

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