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Loy Krathong 2007 in Phuket

After making our own krathong at home on Saturday (see Making a Krathong), there was plenty of time before the evening festivities got underway. We had not decided where to go and loy (float) our kratong... we normally head for the Bang Wad reservoir where hundreds, maybe thousands of people in the Kathu area go every year for Loy Kratong. The reservoir is the largest in Phuket with an 800m long dam and people gather there every evening for picnics by the water and jogging on the dam (see Bang Wad Reservoir). This year we thought about going somewhere different, like maybe Patong (thought again - sure to be a big party, but too crowded and parking a nightmare), or Karon (same as Patong and further from home too), or maybe Rawai beach (much quieter)...

While we chewed over the options for where to Loy our Krathong, we took a drive down to Cape Panwa to see if one of our favourite places had reopened.... YES! The Beach Bar, near the Panwa Beach Resort is open again. We love it. On the beach, not expensive, friendly owners, very relaxed, we have spent many afternoons here before. Read more here: The Beach Bar!

Sunset view from The Beach Bar, 24th November

We stayed until sunset and wished we had brought our kratong with us...

So after much indecision we went to Bang Wad Reservoir to float our kratong. It's a busy place on Loy Kratong night. If you want to see some real local colour, it's a good spot to be! We headed for the water and lit the candle and incense and let our kratong drift into the water.. a bit wonky, but afloat nonetheless...

Our kratong, ready to float

Our kratong on the water

Lots of kratongs were already floating and plenty more people were waiting to float theirs. Hope everyone gets good luck this year!

Loy Kratong at Bang Wad Reservoir

A couple putting their kratong in the water at Bang Wad Reservoir

At the reservoir there's quite a party going on - lots of food stalls and drink stalls and hey! Draft Chang Beer for 90 Baht a liter - can't say no to that! We found a few friends and sat down for a drink and a few snacks...

Draft Beer Chang at Bang Wad Reservoir, 24th November

(above) Food stalls at the reservoir, Loy Kratong at night.

As well as floating kratongs, it's also common to float large paper lanterns into the night sky - this is far more common in Chiang Mai, but is spreading! At the dam you can buy a lantern for 100 Baht - its a big paper bag with a wire frame and a "solid fuel booster". We decided to buy one and launch it at home. More personal.

You have to hold the lantern until the fuel heats the air inside the lantern enough to lift it.. then let go and make a wish. We watched our lantern float high into the clear night sky. I told our kids it had gone to join the stars. We watched until the last flicker of light had gone.


Happy Loy Krathong - see you again! More information here : Loy Krathong in Phuket.

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