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There are 2 local Phuket print newspapers in English. The biggest and original is the Phuket Gazette. I also suggest you check The Phuket News which is now vying with the Phuket Gazette as the best online and print source of Phuket news.

For more Phuket news sources, see here: Phuket News - Where to Find it

Old Phuket News, some things are not forgotten......

August 29th 2008

Anti Government Protests in Bangkok, Phuket and more.

Seems like this is the big news day of the year. Protests and huge gatherings of PAD (People's Alliance for Democracy) supporters were met by tear gas in Bangkok. Meanwhile in Phuket... I decided to kind of "live blog" for a while.. The situation in Bangkok continues even now, though Phuket is totally normal.

Phuket Airport Closed by Anti Government Demonstrations

September 16th 2007 - The Plane Crash at Phuket Airport

Plane Crash at Phuket Airport

December 26th 2004

The tsun... yeh, you know. Big wave. Not very pleasant.

In case nobody ever heard of Phuket, they sure as hell did after the tsunami. If you come now, you won't see any signs of what happened. Khao Lak and Phi Phi were hit harder, but are also looking healthy, if a little empty. My many thoughts below.

4 Years After the Tsunami (written December 2008)

Living through the Tsunami
Living through the Tsunami Part II
Life After the Tsunami (Part III)
A trip to Phi Phi in 2006

Everyone wants to know about the Weather in Phuket:

Phuket Weather - General Information
My Phuket Weather Blog - updated almost daily!
The Wet Season in Phuket - What's it like?

19th September 2006 - Coup in Bangkok - All Quiet in Phuket

Nothing to worry about. Read more here - September 19th - Coup in Thailand. Or have a look at what a (rich kid) Bangkok Blogger had to say - Kitty in Bangkok.

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