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Krua Guilin Restaurant in Khao Sok

We first ate at the Krua Guilin restaurant a few years ago on a visit to Khao Sok National Park. It's located at the eastern end of the lake / reservoir close to the golf course and the boat jetty from where you can hire longtail boats out onto the lake. A bit too far from Phuket just to visit for lunch, but we have stopped here a few times when driving between Phuket and Chumphon. Normally takes around 2 ½ hours from home to the lake. We stopped here recently in April for a late breakfast with a view. The restaurant is inside the park entrance, up the road that leads to the reservoir just east of the small town of Phanom. Once inside the park, follow the signs! The road winds around, up and down hills and there are some nice views to be found.

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Krua Guilin Restaurant

Looks like a fancy place, and the carpark is huge - the restaurant caters to big groups sometimes including weddings. We've only been there when it's quiet. On this last occasion there was only one other car parked and one other table occupied. Mind you, we were there at 10am, not really meal time for most people. We had no plans for a huge meal, just a little break in the 5 hour drive from Phuket to Chumphon.

Krua Guilin Restaurant

Well the secenery around the Khao Sok area is great of course. The better views are a bit further west and out on Chiew Lan reservoir. We did another boat trip in early May which I'll get blogged soon also. The Krua Guilin restaurant would be ideal for a meal before or after a trip out on the lake. Anyhow - the views from the restaurant are not bad at all!

View from Krua Guilin

(above) Part of the Rachaprapha Dam and the reservoir, view from the Krua Guilin restaurant.

View from Krua Guilin

(above) Looking south from the restaurant over the golf course. The land to the east (left side of the photo is pretty flat across to the sea at Surat Thani, and to the west you have the hills of Khao Sok.

Aside from the views and fresh air, we will revisit this restaurant for the food. Despite the fancy external appearance, the prices are good, and I reckon this is the best wingbean salad I have had (in Thai : Yam Tua Pu - ยำถั่วพู). So tasty, and a big plate too, only 80 Baht. I'm going back just for that!

Yam Tua Pu, Wing Bean Salad (ยำถั่วพู)

And as well as a plate of Pad Gaprao, a side dish of Gaeng Jood which is a soup normally made with minced pork, vegetables and bean curd, can be rather plain, but here at Krua Guilin, it was good. Don't forget - not all Thai food has to be spicy!

Gaeng Jood (soup)

Krua Guilin - Location Map

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