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Restaurant at Cape Phromthep

So, hopefully most people know where Cape Phromthep is? Right at the south tip of Phuket on the west side, touted by many guidebooks and websites as the place to watch the sunset. We have been many times in the past for the sunset, for nice views, and I finally hiked down the path to the end of the cape earlier this year - first time I had done that after living here for more than 10 years! There is also a restaurant here. I had not really paid it any attention before, but saw a review online that caught my eye. Looked like a great view and (important!) the review did note that the restaurant is not too expensive! So it was added to the "things to do on holiday" list. The restaurant has been there for years, I guess for 10 years or more.. but again, something new for us after all this time!

Cape Phromthep has a big car park, from which you climb some steps up to a big open area with views, a shrine, a lighthouse and firedancers at sunset! The entrance to the restaurant is to the right of the steps, or you can climb as we did, to the top to get some views first, then follow the small road round to the restaurant.

Promthep Restaurant

We went for lunch and there were only a few tables occupied. I think at sunset it would be much busier and we will go again sometime for what would be a great sunset dinner.. and we have our table staked out already! Right here:

Best table for sunset!

That table was far too hot for lunch, but some tables are more shaded, and we had a choice of almost all of them. We found a very shady spot with enough space for 6 people to sit. Service was quick and friendly and we soon had cold drinks served while waiting for lunch.

Our lunchtime table

I had a beer with lunch... no surprise there! The bottle came with a glass that looked more like a small flower vase.. I'd normally just drink straight from the bottle (oh, how uncouth!) but had to try the smallest beer glass I'd ever used...

A thin beer

We very much enjoyed sitting in the shade enjoying the view, the fresh air and the sunshine (we'd had quite a lot of rain during the week before). A very happy lunch enjoyed by all. And the food was not expensive.. I like that. At a place like Phromthep, there is certainly the option of ripping people off for a small fortune to enjoy food with a view, but the price was OK (and OK by my standards is cheap by most people's!) I ordered the catfish salad (Yam Pla Duk Foo) which was good, maybe not the best ever but combined with the shaded table, the view, the tiny beer glass and the company of my family, great.

Catfish salad

Success! After many years, we do admit to being set in our ways.. we like to eat somewhere that we know, somewhere we can be sure of good food. Nice to try a new restaurant and be happy... we do sometimes try restaurants that don't get mentioned on the blog and are quickly forgotten. Cape Phromthep restaurant will be revisited and can certainly be recommended. We'll be back for a sunset meal soon.

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