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Do I hear cries of "where the heck is Tri Trang Beach"? Let me tell you about it. We just went that way a couple of weeks ago (see Tri Trang & Paradise Beach), and we have visited Tri Trang beach many times in the last 6 years. It's only a few kilometers from Patong, at the south end of Patong Bay, along the winding road past the Merlin Beach Resort, and yet somehow remains a hidden gem. There is one hotel on this beach - the Tri Trang Beach Resort. It looks good and I am assured that the rooms are big and the service is decent...but I have one word for you - location, location, location. This is pretty much a private beach given the lack of intrusion from other tourists, and yet you are just 10 minutes drive from the center of Patong for some crazee nightlife and all the food you can eat!

The room rates are not bad either, especially for low season - and this beach is more sheltered than many since it faces north, so big waves are not a problem. Tri Trang Beach is a place I can really recommend if you like a bit of seclusion but still close to the main tourist areas. But, shhh! Don't tell too many people about it! I think the reason that this beach stays quiet is that the access is via a small road that says "Tri Trang Beach Resort" so people assume it's private. In fact you can also just go there and use the beach and eat in the restaurant, but since people don't realise this, the beach near the hotel is all yours...

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Tri Trang Beach

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