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Mom Tri's Oasis Restaurant (Kata Beach)

Update 2013 - This restaurant no longer exists :)

My normal restaurant choice for lunch is something cheap and simple... there are several choices close to where I work in Karon Beach such as Mama Noi, or a great Phad Thai shop, or several small local places. But a couple of weeks ago I was invited for a business lunch at Mom Tri's Oasis at Kata Beach. I have eaten before at Mom Tri's Kitchen which is overlooking Kata Noi Beach, so hoped for similarly delicious food.

Mom Tri's Oasis Entrance

The Oasis restaurant really is right on Kata Beach. There were sunloungers just a couple of meters away.... felt a bit odd... I was told that the restaurant is much nicer in the evening when the beach is empty.. there were not many diners on the day I was there.. guess we'll have to go back in the evening one day when I am feeling rich. Yeh, it's not really expensive - I am sure plenty of people would say that the prices are very reasonable considering the quality, the location, the service..

The location is actually very very nice...

View - Kata Beach from Mom Tri's Oasis

Sometimes I feel a bit out of place in fancier restaurants with huge wine lists (and Oasis has a huge wine list just like it's neighbour, the Boathouse). So I had some wine and ordered a salmon salad which was extremely tasty - you can taste the difference sometimes with the quality of ingredients - even a simple piece of lettuce is not to be taken lightly - and the lettuce in my salad was good lettuce! And I always appreciate a few sun dried tomatoes :)

You can see the full menu on the Mom Tri's website - I think the website shows the dinner menu, which is more extensive.. I was there for lunch and there were fewer choices, mostly what they call "Thai Tapas". What struck me the most was the way time flew sitting there in comfort, sipping wine, gazing over the beach... after 2 hours I reckoned I had better get back to the office, thinking "I could get used to this". Next day was back on the 50 Baht Phad Thai :)

Mom Tri's Oasis Restaurant

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