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Restaurant Tip: Mom Tri's Kitchen (Kata)

Earlier this month I decided to write about Mom Tri's Villa Royale, which is one of the top rated hotels in Phuket, a really nice place to stay. I tend to write hotel recommendations based on their reviews on TripAdvisor or based on talking to customers from our dive shop about their hotels. As a resident of course I don't stay in the hotels here and being that this is an honest blog, I don't take any payment or freebies for writing about hotels either.

But I am glad to know some people in the tourism industry here do read this blog! Sylvie, who was PR manager for Mom Tri's contacted me with a thanks from the management for the blog article.. and would I like to have lunch at Mom Tri's Kitchen one day? Well, sure! I hate to plead poverty, but a place like that is rather out of my normal budget. Lunch for me is normally going to cost about 40-100 Baht, I guessed the menu at the Kitchen would be rather pricier...

Mom Tri's Kitchen is part of the Villa Royale resort overlooking Kata Noi beach. I had a quick hotel tour before lunch. Rooms are "Olde Thai" style, there are several pools, a couple of seaview bars and then the restaurant. Tables are placed next to huge windows overlooking the ocean. It was a windy day on Sunday, the waves were roaring in to the beach, quite a spectacular lunchtime view...

View from Mom Tri's Kitchen

At Mom Tri's Kitchen Restaurant

Menu is extensive - you can browse it on their website. All sounds rather good, doesn't it! The website also has all the prices. I decided not to be TOO greedy, did not order all the most expensive items. Started with a very good salad with Feta cheese and olives... There was also a free bread plate with little dips made from olives and sun dried tomatoes...

Salad at Mom Tri's Kitchen

Snacks at Mom Tri's Kitchen

Naturally there is a big drinks list too, but since this was a working lunch, I skipped on the wine and spirits. Also skipped on the Gazpacho :)

Main course for some reason I felt like a pizza rather than anything too fancy. The pizza with smoked salmon was very tasty, though I think if you want pizza you can find better in Phuket for sure. I maybe should have gone for one of the chef's special recommendations but I do like a pizza.

Oh, and there was dessert too! Wasn't going to ask for it, but dessert menu was presented and the "Giant Profiterole" sounded like something suitable for a fat panda like me. Will need to diet for a few days to lose the 3,000 calories in this profiterole...

Dessert at Mom Tri's Kitchen

Many thanks to Mom Tri's for the lunch and even though nobody asked for a write up, I would say if you have some money to burn, Mom Tri's Kitchen is worth a splurge for the food and views. Or I guess for some people the menu maybe seems quite cheap! Most restaurants on this blog are a bit lower down the food chain :)

Mom Tri's Kitchen - Location Map

View Mom Tri's Kitchen in a larger map

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