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Rimtang restaurant in Phuket Town

Update 2017 - This restaurant has closed.

I had heard of this restaurant before we first went there in 2009. My wife's sister told us about it when she was working for a bank in Phuket town. Bank employees seem to know all the good lunch spots.. which makes me wonder if they do any work at the bank or just eat lunch all day! Phuket Town, being where a lot of local people work, also has a lot of good local food, and we like to try new restaurants when we get time. Rimtang is a place we've been back to many times.

Rimtang is on Thung Kha road a bit north of the center of Phuket Town near the Satree Phuket school. It's just off the road, but has a big sign, so it's hard to miss...

Rimtang Restaurant Sign

Inside the entrance there's some parking, while the restaurant itself is half hidden behind plants, trees and flowers. It has a peaceful feeling, but it can be very busy at lunchtime during the week. Rimtang is open every day and is well worth looking for - I have to go back again to check out more of the menu (and photograph it).

Rimtang Restaurant, Phuket Town

Rimtang Restaurant in Phuket Town

Rimtang does a very tasty Mee Hoon, a Phuket style of noodles. You can also get Khanom Jeen, which is very popular round here - white noodles, rather sticky and ladled with (normally) some kind of curry. I am not a big fan, but my wife loves it. Also you can get some of the best mango and sticky rice at Rimtang.. I think mango and sticky rice deserves a blog entry of it's own one day!

Mee Hoon

(above) Mee Hoon - rice noodles fried in soy sauce with flaked dried onion and a pork rib soup. Also delicious!

You can also get simple Thai food like fried rice or chicken with garlic and pepper, but it's worth trying some of the Phuket specialties and the food is not at all expensive. We often get a side plate of fried tofu which comes with a nut/chili sauce. Very tasty.

Fried Tofu

There are plenty of drinks on offer too - different kinds of tea and herbal drinks. I normally just have a simple ice tea, and there's ice chocolate for the kidz :)

Drinks at Rimtang Restaurant

Mango and Sticky Rice

(above) Mango and sticky rice with coconut cream. Delicious. You can eat it there or get it to take away. It's very good.

Aside from the food, Rimtang also has a shop selling local snacks made of dried fish, cuttlefish, shrimps, different nuts, rice cakes, dried fruits, biscuits ... a big range of tasty items. Good to take home for friends and family to try. We always have snacks of some kind around our kitchen somewhere!

Shop at Rimtang

Rimtang is very popular with locals. If you see a restaurant full of local people, you can be sure the food is good and the price is right. Phuket town has a lot of good eating well off the tourist trail. Go and explore! Rimtang also has a more upmarket branch near Chalong temple, we've not tried it yet, maybe some day soon.

(Blog post first written February 2009, updated December 2012)

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