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Vegetarian Festival 2008 Photos in Phuket Town

So, on Monday after getting up early and seeing the piercing at Kathu Shrine, and heading out of Kathu Village with the procession (see Vegetarian Festival Photos Part 1), I headed into Phuket Town to pick up the procession again in the old town. The narrow streets mean you get very close to the Ma Song, and very close to the firecrackers! I was taking photos on Thalang Road close to my favourite little street in town, Soi Rommani.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival - Swords

Ma Song (unpierced version, but certainly seems to be in a trance) Old Lady Ma Song with helpers

Tres Amigos

Vegetarian festival - Carrying the gods in Phuket Town

Allow me to introduce my favourite guy! I had a photo of him last year looking rather ghoulish with 2 big black rods through his cheeks. This year looks like he used even bigger rods! Some aspects of the festival are not for everyone. If you don't like scary things or blood or the idea of ramming 2 large rods through your face, look away now!

Phuket Vegetarian festival

Phuket Vegetarian festival

My favourite guy at the festival

This next guy is one of the entranced Ma Song who leap around the procession offering blessings to locals who have offering tables outside their houses. Some of these guys really are a bit spooky. The narrow streets meant that this guy almost bowled me over as he leapt around, thus the very close up photos!

Entranced Ma Song at the Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Ma Song at the Phuket Vegetarian Festival

And here's another Ma Song blessing a local Phuket town resident as the family look on and wai.

Ma Song bestowing blessings at the Phuket Vegetarian festival

Meanwhile the procession of the gods continued in amongst the Ma Song.

Carrying the gods in Phuket Town - Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Vegetarian festival - carrying statues of the gods

There seemed to be more female piercings this year.. no stats to back it up, but there were certainly quite a few.

Female Ma Song with pierced faces at the Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Last couple of extreme face assault photos for now... This year I had kind of intended to see more, but only witnessed one of the 7 street processions. Still, I think that's enough photos... next come the videos - will post in a few days - mostly some short snippets of the procession, the piercing in the early morning, Ma Song doing various things, and lots of firecrackers!

Vegetarian Festival 2008 in Phuket Town

Phuket Town - Vegetarian festival October 6th 2008

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