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Phuket Vegetarian Festival Photos 2007

I have to say, as a seasoned traveler, and 8 year resident of Phuket, the Phuket Vegetarian Festival is a real buzz. The street processions are so full of life, full of noise, full of people, full of magic... and what goes on in the temples at night is almost other worldly. There is something special going on here, this is no show, this is not make believe. This is very real.

I would still like to see more in the future, there is so much to experience during the festival. Over the last week I have been sticking to the Jae food (albeit washed down with a few beers), and I have been into Phuket Town on 2 mornings for the street processions. The processions start early, around 7 - 7:30am, nearly every morning during the festival. In the evenings at various shrines are such activities as fire walking and "bladed ladder climbing", but I never seem to have time to see all that.

I took more than 250 photos, so this blog post might get a bit long.... I will try to be selective. These pictures were all taken during the processions on 17th and 18th October from the Jui Tui Shrine and Kathu Shrine. Oh, and if you don't have a fast internet connection, sorry. Get one.

For more information about the festival and links to my photos and blog posts over several years - see Phuket Vegetarian Festival Introduction



The photos above were all from the 17th - the street procession from Jui Tui shrine, one of the largest in Phuket, found near the market in Phuket Town. The following day was the procession of Kathu Shrine. They actually walk from Kathu into town (about 7km) before starting the walk around town. I followed this procession last year (see Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2006). Next year I really must get to the shrine at 5am and see what goes on in the wee hours before the procession.

On with the show....


After all that, I am quite exhausted! Now that the festival is over, I must say a steak would be nice. The Phuket Vegetarian Festival is something not to be missed - dates for 2008 : 28 September - 7 October. Hope to see you in Phuket!

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Phuket Vegetarian Festival Pictures 2008

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