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An Evening at Bang Wad Reservoir and Dam

Just a few minutes drive from our house, Bang Wad reservoir is Phuket's largest water supply, located in the hills to the west of Phuket Town. To get there just find Phuket Country Club Golf Course and drive through and all the way to the reservoir. During the day there's not much going on, but in the late afternoon, lots of people come here to exercise, jog, ride bikes, picnic, play takraw, let the kids run around... There's lots of space, and some keen joggers even run right around the reservoir (a circuit of about 6km).

Bang Wad Reservoir

The reservoir is over 1km long, and the dam is 800m long - pretty big, yet with the increasing population and demands of tourism in Phuket, there are occasional water shortage "scares" in Phuket. There is talk of pumping water to Phuket from the enormous Chiew Lan Lake at Khao Sok (about 125km from Phuket Town as the crow flies).

Admiring the views at Bang Wad Reservoir

Picnics at Bang Wad Reservoir

Joggers at Bang Wad Dam

We like to take walks along the dam, let the kids race, play on some big rocks... There are stalls selling snacks (BBQ pork, drinks etc...) and people always seem in a relaxed mood. Something to do with the fresh air. We were up at the dam a few days ago and met some friends who were having a picnic. I took some of the kids for a walk/run along the dam and took a bunch of photos.

Food Stall at Bang Wad Reservoir Food Stall at Bang Wad Dam

Playing Takraw at Bang Wad

Cyclist at Bang Wad Dam

More information - I wrote a new post about Morning Exercise at Bang Wad Reservoir.

Bang Wad Reservoir - Location Map

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