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Pak Nam Seafood

I admit that life sometimes becomes a bit repetitive, mostly governed by work and school, and we tend to sink into regular patterns. We eat at home much of the time (see Home Cooking), and when we eat out we tend to head for regular hangouts, places we know, places that are safe for the kids, places where we know we can get good food. We do try to sample some new restaurants now and then, and one day in 2008 when I had a holiday and both kids were at school, we found a new restaurant which we liked and indeed went back a few days later with the kids (and have been many times since).

Pak Nam Seafood Sign

Pak Nam Seafood Entrance

Pak Nam Seafood is right on the northern edge of Phuket Town on Ratsadanuson Road which winds around the edge of Monkey Hill from the government offices in the extreme northeast of town to just north of the Mission hospital which is on the main road out of town to the airport. They said it only opened in 2007, but seemed to be popular right away, and I think the answer must be the food. Word of good food travels fast in the local community!

Pak Nam Seafood had been recommended to us by friends. You may have trouble finding it. Best way to get there - take main road out of Phuket Town and turn right at lights after the Mission hospital, then drive about 2km, and you'll see the restaurant on the left. Views to the sea, you can see Koh Maphrao and also Koh Yao Yai in the distance, also views of the edge of Phuket Town. The view below is also from the restaurant. Try to get a balcony table looking in this direction.

View from Pak Nam Seafood

Cold Beer on Ice

Cold beer ordered. Now for food. One of my favourite dishes in any restaurant, if it's available, is "Yam Gung Seab", a spicy yet sweet dried/smoked shrimp salad. Until now the best I have had was at Laem Hin Seafood, but I think this one at Pak Nam Seafood maybe wins.

Yam Gung Siap at Pak Nam Seafood

Yam Gung Seab

Even the fried rice was good. You know sometimes fried rice can be very bland. This had flavour and accompanied the salad well. No joke : I use the standard of a restaurant's fried rice as a marker of quality. The simple things are important!

Simple Fried Rice

The first time we ate there, we had the "mystery dish". We ordered a Gung Cream Salad. Sounded interesting. What would it look like? Was very tasty. Some big fried breaded prawns and a mountain of fresh salad covered in dressing....

Pak Nam Seafood Prawn Salad

We will be back again and again. And we do vow to try some more new restaurants in the near future. We look for places that suit "our style" - not too flash, good local food, maybe a nice view, and a quiet location. If you can find Pak Nam Seafood, give it a try!

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