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Thai Food - Good Ol' Home Cooking

I just cannot get bored with Thai food. The variety is endless, the tastes sometimes surprising, odd mixtures of sour, sweet and spicy, flavours to ensnare the senses. I have to say the food was one of the reasons I stayed in Thailand longer than originally intended. I don't like all Thai food - for example, I have never been a fan of Som Tam, and some of the curries are too spicy for me - though over the years I have gotten used to the spicy food. Not all Thai food is spicy of course. There are plenty of simple dishes like fried rice or mixed vegetables or egg dishes. And I don't exclusively eat Thai food, I don't pretend to be a local! I do like the occasional pizza or spaghetti or English breakfast or just a sandwich. Of course in Phuket you can get pretty much anything you fancy.

At home we eat mostly Thai food, mainly because my wife is Thai and when she's in the mood, she does like to cook. We go out to eat quite often because eating out here (if avoiding tourist restaurants) is cheap. Now, my wifes cooking is very good, though when we first met about 8 years ago, she barely knew how to cook apart from basic things like omelette and fried veg. That's because her mum is the ultimate mum, always looking after the kids, the house, the cooking etc... Her mum's Massaman curry is one of the best meals in Thailand!

Over the years, my wife has experimented with cooking and always seems to come up trumps. We are just chatting now and realise she's not done her "Indian Curry" for ages... We'll go and get the ingredients tomorrow!

The photos below show some of our favourite home cooked meals. I will add more as time goes by. Thai food rocks!

Green Curry - Best in Thailand

Green Curry (Gaeng Khiaw Wan)

Kai Yat Sai - basically just a stuffed omelette

Kai Yat Sai, omelette stuffed with minced pork and veg

Fried Mixed vegetables

Fried Mixed Vegetables (Phad Phak Ruam)

Spicy Beef Salad

Yam Neua - Spicy Beef Salad

Tom Yum Gung - the classic spicy Thai soup with prawns

Tom Yum - a classic dish, I love it.

Phad Pet Moo (very spicy fried pork)

Spicy Fried Pork - Phad Pet Moo

Tom Kha Gai, absolutely delicious!

Tom Kha Gai - Chicken/Coconut soup

Hope that makes you hungry! There are many reasons to visit Phuket, and the food is certainly one of those reasons. Yes, you can get foreign food too, anything from tacos to fish 'n' chips (and I like it!), but let me say again... Thai food rocks!

Ah, that Indian Curry... We had it a few days later.. Here's the curry cooking...

My wife was happy to see me drain the dish, tipping all the sauce over my rice.. a sure sign of delicious food! Aroy Mak!

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