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Songkran is coming!

There's just a few more days until Songkran, one of Thailand's most famous festivals, also known as the water festival, or more specifically, the water fight festival. Not sure who to blame for this, as Songkran is actually the traditional Thai New Year (January 1st has only been the start of the year here since 1940). This always used to be (and indeed still is) the time for Thai people to pray to Buddha, clean their houses, and sprinkle water on their elders as a show of respect. The traditional aspect is still there, but as a tourist in the beach areas, what you will see is lots of water, lots of partying, lots of drinking and lots of fun! Just be prepared to get wet. Do not carry valuable electronic devices in the streets of Patong. Get a camera with a case like a snorkel camera if you want to take photos, or do what I did last year and stay in the car and take photos through the window!

Kids throwing water, Phuket, Songkran 2007

Last year we had a busy day visiting Mai Khao Beach for a local turtle release ceremony (turtles symbolise long life), then took a break before heading into Patong. I think this year we'll take it much easier, do the traditional cleaning, take the images from the Buddha Shelf and clean them outside, maybe visit a temple.. we just got a new car and I don't want to drive around and get it dirty :) We'll see - we might just decide to go and join some friends at Patong Beach, have some drinks and throw water around. See you there!

Songkran Photos 2007
Songkran Photos 2006

Jamie's Phuket Songkran 2007 in the Phuket Post

The editor of the 'Phuket Post' contacted me last week to republish some of the Songkran 2007 blog entry in their paper (see photo). Wow - I was quite happy about that, nice to know someone likes this blog! There may be more of Jamie's Phuket in the Phuket Post in the future... (note : UPDATE that newspaper/website no longer exixts).

Jamie's Phuket Songkran 2007 in the Phuket Post

For more Songkran information, I have written a new page on the blog - see Songkran in Phuket, Thailand. See you in Phuket!

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