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Phuket Big Buddha - Getting Bigger...

Note - this blog post was in 2007. There are some newer photos of the Big Buddha on the blog - see Big Buddha 2009 - Big Buddha 2010.

When the Big Buddha is finally finished, it is going to be magnificent. And I am pretty sure it will be on the tourist trail. When we first went up there a few years ago, the work was just starting and the road was hard work on our car. We've been up the mountain many times and I have blogged about it before (see Buddha Mountain 1 - Buddha Mountain 2). We realised that we'd not been up for about a year, and it's clear that the project has been making great strides in the last year. The Big Buddha is getting bigger. You can clearly see the shape of the Buddha now, despite it being covered in scaffolding. Looks like the major building work is almost done, and it's time to add the decorations.

Da Big Buddha Big Buddha - getting there slowly

You can write your name on bricks used in the construction

My son enjoys the view over the hills of Phuket

The road up the mountain is being improved too. A concrete road now exists for much of the climb, though there are still some stretches of dirt. But it's not damaging our car any more! Having a good road will be essential once the Big Buddha is complete to allow the tours to include it in their itineraries.

The road up still has some dirt...

Scary shrine Golden shrine

The weather last week was great - I still wouldn't trust the road in wet conditions. The views were great (as always). We go up there for the views and the fresh air. The Big Buddha itself is nothing to look at just yet - a pile of concrete in the approximate shape of the Buddha, covered from top to toe in scaffolding. We'll be sure to drive up again when the project is complete.

View from the top

You can even see Phromthep Cape in the distance

Flag and view of Koh Lon Shrine and view over Chalong Bay

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