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The weather in Phuket

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Actually, I'm not sure how hot it is outside today, as I am in an airconditioned room. But we can reasonably assume the temperature to be in the low 30's celsius. Nice and warm. The weather has been a little "odd" this year. Rains continued into November and December, which in 2004 were almost bone dry. Then we had a wet week in March, too with some really grey skies and English style drizzle. Of course the air was still warm, maybe around 29 degrees, so any comparison to a wet day in Bognor can be forgotten.

With my parents arriving tomorrow, the heat is on my mind. They have been here before in July, which is also warm, but lacks the oven like intensity of April. A couple of days ago we had aircon installed in the spare bedroom, so I can be sure they can sleep comfortably. They wrote in an email that they'd like to help us paint the garden wall....in this heat? Last April temperatures were over 35 degrees.

It's a very good time to have Songkran, the Thai new year. Traditionally, one would sprinkle a little water over people for good luck. This is still done in temples. On the streets, it's water fights and barrels of cold water, high power water guns, and ice water down your back. The only way to avoid it - stay at home. In Phuket, the madness is just for 1 day (13th April). In other places, notably Chiang Mai, the water throwing goes on for days.

I usually try to avoid the crazier aspects of Songkran. This year we will probably go to the local Kathu temple, and then I would like to drive to the North of Phuket to Mai Khao beach, where there should be a turtle release ceremony. Our dive center will be closed that day.

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