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Noodle Time (Kuay Tiaow) in Phuket

At a rough guess, I'd say Phuket has at least 2,000 Noodle stalls. I have not tried them all, and do not intend to. Noodle soup (Kuay Tiaow / Kway Teow, or however you wish to spell it in English) is just about the most common food in Thailand. Breakfast noodles, lunchtime, evening noodles..it's good any time of day. So simple and yet can be so tasty. Also cheap! Street food is one of the joys of traveling. Normally you can't get noodle soup in a fancy restaurant, only at small roadside stalls or little family restaurants. They are everywhere, on every street, often many side by side.

You can get noodle soup made with different size noodles - big fat ones, thin ones or glass noodles, or even yellow noodles. The noodles are cooked in boiling broth/soup, usually along with some green veg and a handful of beansprouts. Cooking time - less than a minute. Add cooked noodles to a bowl of the hot soup, add some pork (moo daeng) or chicken or various other meats, maybe some pork balls (luuk chin moo) add a sprinkling of crushed nuts (tua), and hey presto!

The taste can vary according to the soup. Some are very clear, some are richer and darker...each to their own taste. We have tried many in our area of Phuket (Kathu) and have a few favourites. Yesterday we ate at a small place on the Kathu Waterfall road (Soi Namtok Kathu). It's past the entrance to the Kathu Cable Ski on the right side. The owners are always friendly and the noodles always tasty. Wash it all down with a couple of glasses of ice tea (cha dam yen). Total bill for 3 bowls of noodles and 4 ice teas - 90 Baht. See photos below...

Noodle place on the Kathu Waterfall road Noodles and Ice Tea Clean Food, Good Taste!

Another Noodle Shop in Kathu..click here

Noodle Time (Kuay Tiaow) in Phuket  |  Jamie's Phuket Blog

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