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More Noodles in Phuket

Are noodles the life force of Thailand? Well, for sure a bowl of noodle soup is a cheap and tasty meal, commonly eaten by Thai folk for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I reckon some noodle shop owners are millionaires. They always have customers, and some are always busy. The last noodle place on this blog, up near Kathu Waterfall (see here) is a real local place, off the main road, a few regular local customers.

This morning we went to another noodle shop near our house in Kathu, but this one, close to the busy Ket Ho junction between Patong and Phuket Town, is bigger and busier. Breakfast time is fairly calm, but they are super busy at lunchtime, filling up with local office staff and other working folk; they get their trade during the day and don't open in the evening - but despair ye not because there's another noodle shop just 100m down the road. This is a real clean place, all stainless tables and chairs, real ceramic bowls (many use cheap plastic), and the owner and staff are always friendly. There's another small place right opposite which only opens for lunch and during the afternoon - the noodle soup here is maybe a bit tastier, but the owner is not so smiley :)

Here's some pictures from today's breakfast...

Noodle shop in Kathu  This mornings breakfast

Ice Tea at the noodle shop  Displaying the Clean Food Good Taste sign

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