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Wow, yesterday was a busy one. Our web sites are mostly available in Italian, and I had to prepare templates for about 50 pages to pass on to Diego for translation. What fun!

Tomorrow is a special day, as my mum and dad will arrive from England for a 3 week visit. It's the third time to Thailand for them. We have some trips planned to Phi Phi, Khao Sok, Krabi, Koh Yao, Chumphon and more. They will be meeting my 1 year old son for the first time, I'm sure they'll think he's gorgeous. I have to work up to the 14th, then we have 2 weeks all together. Great!

Started work early at 7am today. Was woken by a small voice..."daddy, can you get me some water?"..Once awake, there's little point lying down again. The first light of day was in the sky, and the early bird catches the worm...Well, it means I can go home early too.

Kids had some vaccinations yesterday at the hospital. Daughter took it bravely with barely a wince. 1 year old son fought the nurse and hit her in the face. They both have a bit of fever this morning, so hopefully will take it easy today. Last time my parents came, daughter was sick when they arrived. Hopefully not again!

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