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Best Value Hotels in Phuket

Following on from the Top 10 Family Hotels in Phuket post, and the Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Phuket, I thought a post about bargain hotels / good value hotels would be useful. Many of the hotels that appear in the other top 10 lists are 4 - 5 star and of course (myself included) we don't all have 4 - 5 star wallets! So I clicked onto the TripAdvisor ratings for "value hotels" and found a very interesting list of different hotels, mostly small hotels or guesthouses. Phuket does not have to be expensive! For more hotels (and you can search by price) have a look at

Top 10 Best Value Phuket Hotels

1. Chinotel (Phuket Town)


Chinotel opened just a couple of years ago, a modern hotel right next to the main market in Phuket Town. That should tell you something - might not be the quietest place, but ideal for exploring Phuket Town, a few minutes walk to the old town, and right by the local buses to the beaches. It's one of the hotels in Phuket Town that I recommend on this blog already. I am amazed to see a Phuket Town hotel on top of the list!

Chinotel Reviews and Booking

2. Le Jardin Bungalows (Patong)

(update 2016) seems to be closed.

3. Summer Breeze Inn (Phuket Town)

Summer Breeze Inn

Summer Breeze Inn is more of a homestay than a hotel, being run by Manit and his family. Reviews keep saying how friendly he is! Located outside Phuket Town in a residential area, well away from tourist zones (so don't moan about being miles from anywhere!). Just the kind of place I'd like to run myself sometime :) The out of the way location is fine, as the owner will arrange transfers and tours.

Summer Breeze Inn Reviews and Booking

4. Atlas Hotel, Cafe and Bar (Patong)

Atlas Hotel

The Atlas looks like a good bet if you want to be in the middle of Patong, close to the nightlife and shopping, with simple, clean rooms, nothing fancy, with a small restaurant and tour booking office. In other words - value for money, but not the kind of place you want if you're looking for beachfront luxury :) (thus, this list!)

UPDATE - since I wrote this, the Atlas hotel has been taken over by new owners and renamed.

5. Baipho Lifestyle Hotel (Patong)

Baipho Boutique Residence

Close to the center of Patong, Baipho seems to be very popular, with personal service and a Swiss owner. I'm not sure what 'lifestyle' means these days. Nicely decorated? Not just another hotel? Looks decent enough for a cheaper stay near the middle of Patong.

Baipho Lifestyle Hotel Reviews and Booking

6. Delicious Residence (Patong)

Delicious Residence

I'd never even heard of this one! Mind you, I hardly ever go to Patong. Delicious Residence is on Nanai Road in Patong. Sounds from the reviews like a simple place with a friendly owner. Remember that Nanai Road is quite a way from the beach, renting a scooter is a good idea if you stay in this area.

Delicious Residence Reviews and Booking

7. Baan Suwantawe (Phuket Town)

Baan Suwantawe

Another good value hotel in Phuket Town, Suwantawe is just out of the old town center, close to the Indy Market. Rooms are more like apartments, quite large and there's a pool too. Staying in Phuket Town gets you closer to the real Phuket and you can easily get local buses from town all over the island. Recommended!

Baan Suwantawe Reviews and Booking

8. Green Island Guesthouse (Karon Beach)

Green Island Guesthouse

I know a lot of the guesthouses in Karon, since I work in that area. Green Island is located on the street going to the big Centara Karon resort, which is quite a busy area by Karon standards, plenty of restaurants and tour agents etc... Karon actually has quite a few lower budget guesthouses, looks like Green Island is popular, or at least popular with TripAdvisor users. Can be a kind of a self perpetuating popularity sometimes with TripAdvisor so long as decent reviews keep coming in!

Green Island Guesthouse Reviews and Booking

9. Asialoop Guesthouse (Patong)


Asia Loop (or Asialoop) Guesthouse (or G-House as they call it on TripAdvisor) is on the edge of Patong, one of many small hotels that have been fitted into a large area of new shophouses on the road that heads towards Karon. Maybe not ideal location, but hey, the reviews sound positive especially with regard the friendly staff.

Asialoop Guesthouse Reviews and Booking

10. Nirvana Inn (Patong)

Nirvana Inn

More Patong! I guess this maybe reflects on TripAdvisor users. Yeh, Patong has a lot going on, but it's surely not the place for a relaxing holiday! There's an oversupply of rooms in Patong, so I suppose lots of good reviews must be a good sign. Nirvana is out of Patong, past the Asialoop in another shophouse development past the well known Simon Cabaret show. I'd rent a scooter if I was staying here.

(update 2017 - this one also seems to have disappeared. I wrote the page just a few years ago and yet several of the "best" lower price places have gone. Let's just say this - can be hard to make money in Phuket with a low price hotel.)

For Phuket hotel information and booking, I recommend looking at first and last - it's what I use. Any questions about hotels or Phuket, please do leave a comment on this page or Twitter.

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