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Bang Mud Seafood Floating Restaurant

During the high season, Saturday is normally my only day off. Some Saturdays are lazy days at home, the kids might have music and/or Taekwondo classes, sometimes we eat at home, sometimes we eat at one of our regular restaurants, and some Saturdays like last week, we figure that we should try a new place to eat rather than play it safe. Also, a new restaurant is good food for the blog! I would have been quite happy to eat at Laem Hin Seafood, but we decided to get the boat from Laem Hin over to one of the floating restaurants next to Koh Maphrao (Coconut Island). I wrote about one of them last year (see Kruvit Seafood). The boats over to these floating restaurants depart from just around the corner from Laem Hin, the longtail ride is free so long as you are eating. This time we chose Bang Mud Seafood.

Longtails at Laem Hin

Longtail boat driver at Bang Mud Seafood restaurant

There's a cluster of longtail boats ready to ferry people over to a restaurant, just tell them which place you're heading to and off you go. It's a short 5 minute ride.

Boat ride to Bang Mud Seafood

Approaching Bang Mud restaurant

(above) Approaching Bang Mud Seafood. Coconut island is in the background, the restaurant is only about 150 meters from the island, and maybe 700 meters from Laem Hin. I've only ever set foot on Coconut Island once. One of these days I'd like to stop and look around. Maybe treat the family to a night at The Village resort .. or maybe not, it's not a cheap place to stay :)

Ony a few tables were occupied when we arrived, all local people. Some of the tables are low and you sit on the ground, which I find very hard, don't know where to put my big legs! So we took a normal table with chairs. All the tables are shaded and the air is quite fresh as you're over the water.

The view from our table...

View from our table

Table at Bang Mud Seafood

Note - Bang Mud is Muslim run and they don't serve alcohol (or pork, but then you wouldn't really be wanting pork at a seafood restaurant anyway). They told us that if people bring their own alcoholic drinks, that's OK. We ordered a bunch of different dishes including Tom Yum, fried soft shell crab with garlic, Yam Tua Pu salad made with wingbeans and seafood, garlic chicken, fried squid with garlic.

Lunch at Bang Mud Seafood

Poo Nim (soft shell crab)

Garlic chicken

(above) Some of our lunch at Bang Mud. I love the soft shell crab (Poo Nim). The bowl of Tom Yum was huge and we were all well stuffed and in no rush to leave after eating. I gotta be honest, a cold beer would have been nice! I snapped some photos of the staff and other diners and longtail boats coming and going.

Staff and longtail boat at Bang Mud Seafood

(above) Our waitress :)

Ladies on the boat at Bang Mud Seafood

These ladies were having a fun lunch together! They were already there when we arrived and I could see their table was piled with food. When I see a group of local ladies like this at a restaurant that is a good sign - the locals know where to find the best food at the right price.

See you later!

Aside from the whir and chug of longtail boat engines it's a very peaceful place to eat, on the water, lovely view, good food, nice people, far away from the crowds. Next time I think we'll go for dinner, aim to be there on a nice sunny afternoon as the sun goes down.

Bang Mud Floating Restaurant - Location Map

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