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Phuket Mini Golf at Bang Tao Beach

It was on Christmas Day that we took a drive looking for the newly opened 'Adventure Mini Golf' in the Bang Tao Beach area of Phuket. It only opened in November 2011, I had read about it somewhere online, sounded interesting. Phuket already has a very well known mini golf operation at the Dino Park, Kata Beach. We've been a couple of times. And many years ago there was a place called Pirate Mini Golf in Patong. It closed more than 20 years ago and yet was still mentioned on many websites for years afterwards! Well, being that is was Christmas, I figured the kids might enjoy some mini golf. I had imagined that this Adventure Mini Golf would be right by the beach with sea views and swaying palms .. of course that's daft - beach land is way too expensive! We drove up to Bang Tao from home, and we don't go this way too often. The mini golf is located on the quiet Bang Tao road at the south end of Bang Tao Beach near the Sunwing Resort. I think it has been years since I last drove on this road! Christmas Day but very quiet - this is a totally different area to the main Phuket beaches. There are hotels, restaurants, and then a patch of grassland with chickens or buffalo. No crowds round here! The mini golf was signposted, and we found it easily enough. Not too expensive for mini golf - Adults 280 Baht, kids 200 (and yes, it's half price for Thai people). There's a little practice green near the entrance. Our daughter got some tuition ...

Golf Lessons

My dear wife decided a cold drink was better than hitting a golf ball on a hot day (mad dogs and Englishmen). The Adventure Mini Golf has a bar and restaurant with a dozen tables. We found out later that they are open into the evening (until 11pm) with happy hour 5 - 7pm - the restaurant was not even open when we arrived - too early! I think we might go back again one evening for food and some mini golf. Me and the kids took a scorecard and headed for hole 1. It was soon apparent that the kids would not be keeping score. Come on, kids .. take your fun seriously! I gave up keeping score after a while too. Kids were on hole 12 by the time I'd done hole 6. I got a hole in one on the 6th hole, on the 3rd attempt :)

Teeing off at the Phuket Mini Golf at Bang Tao Beach

The place is very nicely built and very tidy. Maybe a bit too tidy - I was expecting a bit more Adventure! I think the gardens and trees need time to grow. Maybe some of the 18 holes need more features than just rocks and fake bunkers. There are a couple of water hazards but when I was a kid, mini golf courses at holiday resorts in England had tunnels and windmills and .. or maybe I just remember it being more adventurous when I was a kid! Our kids enjoyed this one, even if they did not keep score. It helped that we were one of only 3 families during the hour that we spent there. The location is a bit quiet, I hope they can survive, might need more promotion. The Dino Park mini golf in Kata is in a prime location. This one in Bang Tao is harder to find. They do have a website, but I can't say I've yet seen this place advertised much.

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"Adventure Mini Golf" Bang Tao Beach Phuket

The menu looks good in the restaurant. The staff were all friendly. We had a few Cokes, it was a hot day. I guess since it was not crowded, nobody was rushing us.. me and the kids could play the same hole several times, mess about, enjoy Christmas on the golf course :) Glad to have tried this place and we will be back .. would be ideal to go with friends, let the kids go play golf.. maybe "competitive Dad" would join them and go for a course record after a few beers and a pizza. My son is still perfecting his putting style ...

Good Putting Style!

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