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I hope if you browse this blog you will hopefully find that Phuket is a wonderful place. My blog is mostly about the "other" Phuket, not so much the main tourist beaches, tours, shops and shows. But whether you come here for the beach, a family holiday, a honeymoon, a quick trip or a erm... "gentleman's holiday", every visitor has one thing in common. You need a place to stay! Phuket has it all. You can get a dorm bed for 200 Baht, you can rent a luxury villa, or there are guesthouses and hotels to suit all budgets. If you care to search Google for "Phuket Hotels"... you get over a million search results. There are hundreds of online hotel booking services. So how do you make a choice?! Which are good? Well, I hope that Jamie's Phuket can help in making your choice ...

Some people like to book direct with the hotel. Others prefer to book everything in a package through their local travel agent. But very often, if you want the best rates and the best choice of hotels - an online hotel booking agent can be the best choice. Over the last few years I have experimented with several hotel sites, linking to them from this blog. The blog has been online for more than 5 years and I have found one online site to beat them all ...

Agoda - maybe not such a common name in Europe or North America, but in Asia Agoda is well known, being based in Singapore. The site is well designed, very easy to use, they offer rewards when you book (equivalent to a discount on a future booking), and guarantee lowest rates. Now the site has been around for a while there are also many (sometimes hundreds) guest reviews for each hotel. Have a look!

Agoda - Phuket Hotels
Agoda - Thailand Hotels
Agoda Rewards Program

Agoda is also available in many languages such as German, Japanese, Russian and many more. You'll see a dropdown language menu at the top of every page on the Agoda site.

So before you book, have a look at Agoda. Plenty more out there if you want to look, but here on Jamie's Phuket I stick with Agoda when it comes to hotel booking. If you are reading, hope you can make it to Phuket soon!

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