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Restaurant Tip: Nice Food Good View

Actually I am not sure of the real name of this little restaurant which is located along the quiet road leading down the west side of Cape Panwa towards the Novotel and Ao Yon where lots of yachts can be found. There are some signs along the road that say something like "Good Food Good View" or similar.. if we drive that way again soon I will pay attention and update! Anyway you can't miss the restaurant, it's a little thatch roof place with about 6 tables right by the road and with good, very good, great views over Chalong Bay.

Along the same road a bit further south is a place called The Beach Bar, but this closes during low season. I took the kids to Phuket Aquarium at the weekend and we decided to stop at the Good View restaurant for some simple lunch. I think I have eaten there once before, certainly the kids have and I know my parents have stopped there at least once. It's a simple family run place, no delusions of grandeur, which is the kind of place we like. Yes, it's right by the road, but that road is very quiet. The kind of road that local dogs sleep in the middle of during the daytime.

Good view, decent food

Now for a simple restaurant like this I was actually surprised to see the food prices. Simple places should have simple prices for simple folk like me. Fried rice is normally 35 or 40 Baht in a little restaurant in town. Maybe 50 Baht. So add a bit for the view, but 80 Baht.. really? It may sound petty and you are saying, hey that's only 1 pound 40 or 2 bucks or whatever, but .. yeh OK so I am petty, you pay a bit more for the view. And a coke was only 20 Baht so there you go. Not a place I'd go for a big meal, but a simple lunch while exploring the Panwa area, perfect spot.

Nice spot to relax with a view

Longtail boat in Chalong Bay as seen from restaurant

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