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Uptown Restaurant (Phuket Town)

I admit to getting stuck in eating routines sometimes. We have a half dozen favourite places to eat (if we are not eating at home) and sometimes it seems I have lost all sense of adventure! Well, on Friday night, my wife and I managed a rare evening out without the kids and we ate at the Natural Restaurant in Phuket Town, which is very popular and I have never blogged it! Then on Saturday, we went with the kids for lunch at the Uptown Restaurant also in Phuket town. It's opposite the new Novotel in Phuket Town.

Uptown Restaurant in Phuket Town

Uptown is a popular lunch spot for locals, the menu is quite extensive but they specialise in noodle dishes. There were a lot of tom yum noodle dishes and other soups without noodles - we had one of these, called Kao Lao.

Uptown Restaurant

Uptown Restaurant Menu

Uptown Restaurant is on the street corner opposite the indoor Expo market about 400m south of the bus station. We noticed it was popular with local office staff, there was a crowd in from the nearby Kasikorn bank and a couple of families having a Saturday lunch out just like us. Not really a tourist place, so probably a good bet to find local food!

Uptown Restaurant

Here's some of our lunch. I had a Phad Thai Hor Khai, we had drinks (ice tea, ice chocolate), kids had some fried chicken, total bill was... 270 Baht. That was for 5 dishes plus drinks. I do believe we'll be back soon!

Uptown Restaurant - Iced Tea

Uptown Restaurant - Noodles

Uptown Restaurant - Phad Thai Hor Kai

I admit we have been a bit lazy and not really explored new places to eat recently, but it's time to try some new restaurants. There are a couple of new places up on Rang Hill for example, and the well known Dibuk restaurant in the old town. Phuket Town is the place to find more local food. Some places we like in town include ...

Kopitiam by Wilai
Yellow Door
Tunk Ka Cafe
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