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High Season Weather in Phuket

Finally a couple of weeks ago we saw the last hurrah of the "rainy season" in Phuket. There are no exact dates on the seasons, and the terms "wet" and "dry" are far too black and white. The low season has plenty of good weather and indeed I do recommend visiting Phuket in the off season - see here : Low Season in Phuket - A Great Time to Visit! - Sure there can be wet days and some bouncy seas and the beach is not always swimmable, but it's nice anyway! Sometime in October or early November the season changes.. which is to say the wind changes, from prevailing southwesterlies to northeasterlies. There can be weeks of unsettled weather before we get to where we are now - perfect weather!

This year there was still some rain (mostly in the evening) in late November and into December even, but the last 2 weeks has been almost entirely dry, sunny and blue-skied. I think that smiling moon on December 1st marked the change into real high season weather.

A few Phuket photos from the last 2 weeks...

Phuket Big Buddha 3rd December

Karon Beach 9th December

Kata Beach 18th December

It was back in May 2006, just after starting this Phuket blog, that the Phuket Weather Blog was born - if you want to know about the weather in Phuket, that's the place to go for weather reports, photos and lots of weather links.

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