Some Videos at Phuket Aquarium
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Some Videos at Phuket Aquarium

We do like Phuket Aquarium. I have totally lost count of how many times we have been. I love taking the kids there and watching their reactions to the fish. As a baby they are amazed, then they start to look more closely, then they start to learn names, then they get older and ask questions about the fish. As a diver, most of the species in the aquarium are familiar to me so I am very happy to pass on some knowledge... and you know you can't fool a kid.

After our last visit, my 3 year old boy was looking at one of the aquarium brochures I had picked up. There was a picture of a small orange and white fish. He asked me "what's this fish, daddy?". I relied "It's Nemo". He came right back with "No! It's an anemone fish!". Proud dad.

So here's a few little video clips of the aquarium. It's well worth a visit I reckon.

Bannerfish and Moorish Idols

Moray Eels

Leopard Shark in the big tank (you can walk through a little tunnel).

Big Groupers have their own tank, or they'd eat the sharks :)

Leopard shark and Blacktip shark in the big tank.

Eagle Ray in the big tank.

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