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Kathu Chinese Shrine

Well Friday night was a bit disappointing! I guess I should have checked local sources (like the schedule posted on the wall of the shrine), but instead believed the festival schedule on the "official" vegetarian website that I copied on this blog.. but there was no bladed ladder climbing or oil bathing at Kathu shrine on Friday night. And there were lots of other similarly confused people there too! I met a big group of tourists who'd come over the hill from Patong. Well, hope you at least enjoyed the local atmosphere. I like Kathu village. I just posted about a walk in Kathu village, now a few more pictures of the shrine.

Compared to the big shrines in Phuket Town like Jui Tui and Bang Neow, Kathu is much quieter, yet it's an impressive building for such a small local community. You have to remember that Kathu was where the festival originated, and it seems the whole village takes part. Hardly anyone around not wearing white, young and old. Kathu village and shrine is worth a visit any evening during the festival...

Entrance to Kathu Shrine

Prayers in Kathu Shrine

Kathu Shrine

Kathu Shrine

And a little video of Kathu Shrine too...

Next entry... Jui Tui Shrine - I took a walk around that area yesterday evening. Oh, and the scary bloody face piercing photos will come later. I will drag myself out early tomorrow morning for the Kathu Shrine procession.

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