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The Beach Bar is Back!

December 2007 : We first found "The Beach Bar" about a year ago and it quickly became a favourite place to eat, drink and just... chill. Finding a place to truly "chill" in Phuket is a bit tricky, but you can do it! The Beach Bar is a little restaurant on the east side of Chalong Bay, down Cape Panwa way. Just follow the signs to the Panwa Beach Resort and you'll find it.

Beach is NOT crowded!

Panwa has long been a favourite area and last year I was very happy to find a place here right on the beach, with cheap tasty food, friendly people, great views, a safe beach for the kids to play... The Beach Bar. Sadly it was closed all low season and we wondered if it would open again, and then last week we took a drive to check. Hoorah!

The Beach Bar Sweeping the beach

Another little bar a few meters from The Beach Bar View from The Beach Bar

It has actually moved about 20m closer to the Novotel, leaving some half-knocked-down walls next door. Yeh, not 100% pure paradise, but we like it and this is my blog! The family who run the place are very friendly, the food is tasty, beer is cold and the view across Chalong Bay is great, especially for sunsets. The Beach Bar is very much "the other Phuket" away from the crowded beaches and jet skis and tailors. Don't be surprised to see us here next weekend too...

Update - here's a more up to date blog page about the Beach Bar :

The Beach Bar @ Cape Panwa

Sunset across Chalong Bay (near the Beach Bar) Sunset at The Beach Bar

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