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I have been living in Phuket since 1999, and after a couple of years renting several apartments and houses, then starting a family it was time to buy a house. We (my wife and I) already knew the areas we liked in Phuket and spent many days driving around looking at houses for sale and even went to a house auction for repossessed properties! Since we have a family, we had to compromise on location - a hillside villa is not idea when a toddler might decide to crawl off the balcony, and although we liked the Rawai / Naiharn area, we though it was just a little remote (now it's very busy!) We were already living in the Kathu area which is close to Phuket town, close to hospitals, close to shopping and markets, close to golf courses (if you like golf) etc.. so that was where we ended up buying our house.

Phuket is a great place to live. I don't write this blog for a living, I write it because I really like Phuket! We like living here and after many years in our own house we feel very comfortable. Phuket has a local life, great food, festivals and traditions, and also has the tourist scene. You can get just about anything you need here. You can live close to the "action" or you can live off the beaten track. Up to You - it's all out there waiting. So here's some info about Phuket real estate ...

Want to live in Phuket? Contact Siam Real Estate

I have met Richard, the owner of Siam Real Estate in Phuket, a couple of times socially. Enough time to have a chat about land and houses and prices - he talks straight, doesn't try to bull**it anyone and has an experienced business brain. He has worked hard and Siam Real Estate is now one of the largest companies on the island. If you want advice about buying a house - I'd say that's the place to go.

Buying a House in Phuket - Useful Links

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Phuket Real Estate - Frequently Asked Questions
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Villa and Condo Rentals (often a better deal than a hotel!)

Holiday Rentals in Phuket
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If you have visited Phuket and are thinking of renting or buying a house here - either to retire, or just to use as a holiday home, there are so many options you may not know where to start. Check some of the links above to Siam Real Estate web site allowing you to explore different areas of Phuket and look for that ideal dream house!

Siam Real Estate have also introduced a couple of very nice offers to help you to buy in Thailand during these "uncertain economic times" - see the links below for details:

Airfare Refund Offer

Last word of advice - take your time looking at houses - Phuket is a big place and there are hundreds upon hundreds of houses for sale. The house you are looking for is probably here somewhere!

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