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Naithonburi Beach Resort at Naithon Beach

The Northwest of Phuket has some fine beaches where you can get away from the crowds. I have written about Nai Yang beach already and will be writing more on the Beaches section of this blog (after all, this is Phuket we're talking about). Last weekend after spending some time at Nai Yang, we drove along the quiet jungle road to Naithon Beach. Hopefully (weather permitting) we'll go back next weekend. I have always liked Naithon. Getting there means heading off the main roads and onto some winding back roads, and the beach still remains quiet. There is a road along the beachfront but with very little traffic. It's not a long beach, maybe 800m and there is not too much in the way of accommodation, just a few small resorts, though it is getting busier.

The Naithonburi is small and neat, not very expensive, but has facilities - a nice pool, a gym and ... Naithon beach just outside! There's a pool bar and a restaurant, one of only a few along the beach. For more dining options you'll need to take a drive! In low season, Naithon can be pretty much like a ghost town. In high season, it's a little slice of paradise.

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