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Chalong Jetty (Chalong Bay)

On Sunday evening we took a walk along Chalong Jetty. It may not sound very exciting, but in the evening there are a lot of local folk walking or jogging here, getting fresh air and exercise. You get some lovely views across Chalong Bay to some of the offshore islands such as Koh Lone, Koh Bon and Koh Racha Yai, and there are hundreds of boats in the bay – everything from dive boats to catamarans to speedboats and a couple of huge sunset cruise boats.

Chalong Bay, Phuket

Chalong Bay, Phuket

The jetty is relatively new. It was completed in about 2002 and is around 600 meters long. Before this new jetty, which was built to serve the countless tourist boats that depart from Chalong (for diving, fishing, snorkeling, sightseeing), there was only a rickety wooden jetty, barely wide enough for 2 people to pass each other. When we went on dive trips we normally had to walk out across the bay through the sand and silt, carrying dive gear out to a longtail boat that would take us to the dive boat. Now you have jetty buses that carry passengers up and down (private cars not generally allowed). The dive boats and others wait at the end, where there is space for 6-8 decent sized boats to tie up.

Chalong Bay, Phuket

I do like a walk along the jetty, and the kids like to see all the boats. Not far from the jetty are several restaurants. For many years we went to a place called Danang Seafood (we must have eaten there 20 times), but it closed in about 2008. We have also eaten at Kan Eang 2, which is right next door. There's also a fancy Kan Eang @ Pier restaurant right by the pier. And a new place called Vset - which I hear is VERY fancy. Fancy = Not cheap :)

Chalong Jetty, Phuket

If you visit Phuket and take any kind of dive trip, snorkel trip etc., it’s likely you’ll see Chalong Bay. I like the area. You are not far from Chalong Temple, and Rawai beach is only 5km down the road. Also, the access road to the Big Buddha is close to Chalong Circle (a roundabout with 5 exits, one of which goes to the jetty). It’s a good area to rent a bike and explore. Chalong is only about 6km from Kata beach, or about 15km from Patong.

Boat at Chalong Bay

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