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More Vegetarian Festival

The festival is well and truly under way now and I have not eaten any meat for 4 days, though I will admit to a few "vegetarian" beer Changs. Well, I aim not for perfection, but for happiness. My family munched away on fish and chicken last night but I insisted on driving into Kathu village to buy some Ahan Jae. They do some very good "soft spring rolls" in the village that I have not seen for sale in Phuket Town. The first street procession in the town was yesterday morning. If you want to see something real, something different, something cultural, something you won't see anywhere else, then go to Phuket town at 7am any day from now until Sunday. I want to go on Sunday, which is when Kathu shrine does their procession.

Meanwhile I want to get more pictures today from Kathu and Sam Kong shrines. Here's a few of Kathu taken on Sunday:

Kathu shrine
Kathu street and shrine
Adding fire to the firecrackers at Kathu shrine

Note - this is an old post from 2006. For more information on the festival - see Phuket Vegetarian Festival.

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